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The Watchtower (Study Edition) September 2013

This issue will consider how to make wise decisions, strengthen our relationship with Jehovah God, and benefit from Jehovah’s reminders.
The Watchtower (Study Edition) September 2013

Let Contrasts Help You

Jesus frequently used contrasts. Learn how you can use contrasts to help others come to know Bible truth.
The Watchtower (Study Edition) September 2013

Jehovah’s Reminders Are Trustworthy

Jehovah has always used reminders to guide and direct his people. Why can we trust God’s reminders today?
The Watchtower (Study Edition) September 2013

Make Jehovah’s Reminders the Exultation of Your Heart

Are we happy to follow Jehovah’s commandments, or do we sometimes view them as burdensome? How can we build our trust in his reminders?
The Watchtower (Study Edition) September 2013

Have You Been Transformed?

Why must all Christians be concerned with being “transformed”? What does this transformation involve, and how can we succeed?
The Watchtower (Study Edition) September 2013

Make Personal Decisions Wisely

How can we make sure that our decisions are in harmony with God’s will? What can help us to follow through once we have made decisions?
The Watchtower (Study Edition) September 2013

Pioneering Strengthens Our Relationship With God

Consider eight ways that pioneering can strengthen your relationship with Jehovah. What can help you to continue in this rewarding avenue of service?
The Watchtower (Study Edition) September 2013

Questions From Readers

Why did Jesus give way to tears prior to the resurrection of Lazarus, as described at John 11:35?


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