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AUGUST 18-24, 2014

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Halitosis--or bad breath--can have more than 80 causes

Halitosis--or bad breath--tends to be associated in 60% of cases with a dental problem, although other disorders related to the digestive or respiratory apparatus may be behind 17% of cases. In fact, experts estimate that there may be more than 80 causes of halitosis, and point out that it is necessary to know its origin in order to establish the proper treatment.
It is a condition that causes much discomfort to people who suffer from it, because they fear the social relations to the shame that can appear that your problem is due to a lack of oral hygiene, when in reality it is not so. This makes, as explains Dr. Jonas Nunes, director of the Institute of the breath, those affected to seek professional help, more concerned with the social implications of bad breath, that by how it affects your health.
Halitosis is a sign that there is a problem, and its early detection may serve to prevent future diseases
However, halitosis is a sign that there is a problem, and its early detection may serve to prevent future diseases. For example, if bad breath is due to periodontitis, treating this disease would avoid premature loss of teeth.
Menses and suffer high levels of stress, also can cause halitosis which, in addition, can also be indicative of more serious problems such as a malfunction of the kidney or liver, and even a symptom of cancer. Why it is so important to etiological diagnosis of halitosis, which determine their origin, since each of its causes has a different treatment.

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