Dogs who eat feces: Coprophagia

Coprophagia: Dogs that eat hecesSeguramente more than one of you will have had to attend the ingestion of feces (own or others) by your pet. It is a widespread hobby by the name of coprophagia, and it may not pass an annoying story, but also may be due to physical health complications or even psychological, or carry them ...

Why eat excrement?

-One of the main reasons is the need for care. If your dog eats feces is because he knows his own will listen, if only to rebuke him. Therefore, if the animal gets all the warmth that requires more than likely give up the habit.
'Another common cause is imitation. Your pet may make a habit of practicing coprophagia because he sees other dogs do the same, or because we have seen we collect their droppings.

Coprophagia: Dogs who eat feces

-Hunger. It may sound strange, but one reason is recurring. Today, many dog owners will spend most of the day away from home, so the animal eats once or twice as much. Similarly, the need to receive a feed of low quality, short fiber. In both cases, the dog will compensate these gaps eating their feces.
, might also do so to avoid the accumulation of dirt, especially if they happen to be in the same place for many hours.
'And if it has been hard to punishment for leaving gifts in the wrong place, chances are your pet chooses to eat the following for fear of retaliation (which, incidentally, demonstrates the ineffectiveness of violent reprisals.)
-There are other reasons for something more unusual but equally confirmed, such as intake, by a submissive dog, feces of another dominant character (as is the case with other species of the animal), or simply because they like the taste (especially in the case of depositions other animals). And then of course, there are the cases of mothers who eat the feces of their newborns, either to keep the place as clean as possible, and to encourage them in the area.
-Finally, there are several medical conditions that can cause coprophagia, such as pancreas problems, intestinal infections and stuff, but in case of any of them, it would not be the only symptom in our pet apreciáramos.

Classes coprophagia

There are three types, depending on the type of feces ingested:

  1. -The animal faeces are swallowed theirs (autocoprofagia);
  2. -Are other animals within the same species (intraspecific);
  3. -Son of other species (interspecific).


Obviously, the problem is associated with the ingestion of feces (apart from the inconvenience that may cause to the owner) is the presence of parasites, mostly removable if carried out regular deworming. However, what may be our pet ingests bacteria, fungi and larvae of any kind, which may lead to important diseases such as hepatitis and parvovirus. And if the dog eat cat stool can get toxoplasmosis.

And how do I fix it?

Nothing better to prevent rather than cure: it is a habit that can persist and become very uncomfortable for pet owners and therefore best cured in health through a good diet with quality food, a clean, and the attention he deserves the animal, translated in physical exercise, mental and emotional.
If nevertheless practiced coprophagy, to rule out any complications have to go to the vet, course. The professional will determine their health status and advise specific treatments should be a more serious problem than it may seem.
Anyway, here set out several tips that can help solve the problem:
-alter the taste of the deposition: either through products specifically designed for that purpose (Forbid) and homemade solutions (a spicy take on the stool, or feeding pumpkin, mint or pineapple, for example), it is the most common choice.
-Clean, collect and re-clean: it is no secret, the dog will not eat anything unless it has before. An easy way to prevent this practice is adopted immediately collect their stools, trying to get the animal does not see your gestures to not interpret in their own way and try to "imitate" (as we mentioned above).
positive-Training: the "no!" forcings, cheeks with his nose glued to the remains of the stool ... all this only serves to aggravate the situation. Instead, we must accustom the animal to lose interest by the "gift". This, as you approach him is to divert their attention, you have to call using a positive tone, or throw a toy ... come and get whatever you can think of to have fun, lets you clean without You see, while gradually abandon their habit.
-Finally, for cases (during the walk, when you can not control him ...), you can use a muzzle.

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