Dusbot - a robot that not only garbage collection, but is capable of interacting with man

Dusbot - a robot that not only garbage collection, but is capable of interacting with man

The littering phenomenon consisting of littering in public places, is typical of all major cities of the world today, and the phenomenon of waking uneasiness authorities, academia, environmentalists, costing millions to municipalities.

To alleviate this problem, the University of Sant'Anna of Pisa, Italy, coordinated by Professor Paolo Dario, has developed a robot that not only collects garbage but is able to interact with humans. Just call him anytime, and he goes so far as to collect the garbage, the person who requested the presence of Dustbot as well is called, put the trash bag in a compartment inside your belly that is able to collect waste from various Generes.

The design has been studied to spend a pleasant look to people without remembering the normal bins distributed throughout the city.

DustBot is systematized to rotate with two types of cars: the first, DustClean, cleans and disinfects the streets, the second dustcart, is what you might call real WALL-E, as software and hardware. Moves through the city picking up the garbage from door to door, avoiding obstacles and falls, thanks to stabilizing the Segway, a transportation device that mimics human balance. A series of laser sensors, placed on the front, tell the dustcart the presence of obstacles, while the eyes are indicators of the correct functioning of the machine.

DustBot also offers a range of useful information such as air quality, recycling and even suggestions for tourist information on services offered by the city, accessible through a touch-screen display.

DustBot debuted for the first time in Osaka, Japan, with the collaboration of the laboratories of bio-robot Sant'Anna School, and the Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International in Kyoto.

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Source of Information and Image: Vitodibari