Is technology to design ... or vice versa?

Do not miss the spectacular 'artifacts' sound and image of Bang & Olufsen and Loewe

Recent technological advances flood our lives and our homes. They play in the field (in the market) of emotions ... and we always win. Who would not be seduced by them? Okay, sometimes they are necessary to move in the XXI century, but his aesthetic is that, in many cases, dazzles us.

BeoSound 8, the last artifact smack the ever esthete Norwegian firm Bang & Olufsen is their first Speaker System for iPad, iPhone and iPod, these three gadgets that move orders Steve Jobs (the true Lord to all-you-move).

Is technology to design ... or vice versa?

The sound performance BeoSound 8 can shake the walls of the dining room, true to the exquisite sound quality that B & W prints to your audio. And his vision, it also pays homage to the brand's DNA: sleek, stylish, minimalist, often innovative ...

It looks 'floating' in 2D, which hides the depth and power of its cone-shaped speakers. It is available in black and aluminum in a wide variety of optional colors of speaker fronts.

Another feature is that it can adapt to any space: can be placed on a wall or on any flat surface. Take a manual switch so that the sound is projected in one way or another from the point of the room in which it is situated.

The design has gotten out of hand and mind of English David Lewis, one of the usual B & O : Endorsing the 'lines' of BeoLab 5000 (late 60s), Beovision 600, Beovision MX Series ... In fact, three of Bang & Olufsen products remain at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Is technology to design ... or vice versa?

Along the same lines measured with magnifier design, elegant and refined, appears the Art LED TV lineup, the German company Loewe, renowned manufacturer of imaging products and high-end sound. Like all stems Loewe, dismisses the TV technology and style in abundance, in a sort of mix between the two: integrates an LED backlight panel (is nice and fulfills its mission electronics) and their forms are defined based on the design concept Slimline slim.

Emphasizing design (which is what we want), your epidermis has been developed, again, by the prestigious Phoenix Design and has certain recognizable elements in Collections Loewe Spheros and Loewe Art SL. Although the LED Art, the frame further reduces your measurements compared with earlier, reaching a width of 80 cm (at 32 inches) and less than 100 cm (40 in).

Another of its facets is the ability to adapt (like the BeoSound 8) in any room, because it has different brackets for floor, table or wall. For example, the table stand with swivel stand and tilt adjustable, the floor stand, or VESA wall mounts. You can choose from silver chrome finish, black enamel or the novelty of the range, in Moca tone.

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