Is there compatibility between cats and babies?

Cats and babies 

Is there compatibility between cats and babies?
Now you're going to be a mother, do you think you have no time for your cat? Being a mother is one of the major responsibilities of our lives, and you're starting experience, how irresponsible as serious as leaving a partner who depends on you? This is not about equal rights for animals and humans, it is everyone's personal opinion, but if at the time you decided to take charge of an animal, take responsibility and care, you must be consistent. The animals are with you every day of your life, whether good or bad, you're crying or laughing, are there. Would you like your child to grow up knowing that his birth abandoned an animal, which probably would have been his first best friend? This is just a little awareness. To be a responsible parent, you must also be with your animals. Acting differently is contradictory and incomprehensible.
Indeed, children who grow up with animals are more sociable and happier. Even cats have in some nursing homes because they are beneficial to the elderly for their company, touch, purring, and animal-assisted therapy is just that. Animals are beneficial for people, for all.
On the other hand, if your cat has behavioral problems, know that all these problems are solvable (that is not a medication with anxiolytics), contacting the right professionals, is resolved.

Cat behavior problems when the baby is born

Generally these behavioral problems may be that the cat urinates or defecates outside its sandbox, or some kind of assault. This stress is usually caused by the cat owner himself, consciously or unconsciously. For example, for the cat is very important to their territory and odor, if we start shutting doors (the baby's room full of new furniture without pheromones your cat), can cause your cat to feel stressed because they can not make their pheromones explore the area or to be perfectly controlled territory, one of the main activities to be cat. Cat pheromones are safe, no smell, no palpable, they are full of germs or anything, are for personal use Cat. And the cat needs its own smell permeate everything around you to feel relaxed and at ease. Otherwise, you may feel stressed and present behavior problems.

Is there compatibility between cats and babies?
Another example, change of habits from us. From playing a lot with the cat, have daily routines with him, to forget all about him. Cats have no jealousy, no envy, no hatred (all that is human), but what I notice is that their routines are broken and an animal is very routine. When you're pregnant, mainly by creating other routines can go a few hours you think when your baby is born, you dedic√°rselas the cat.
Another major flaw is serious scold the cat for things that we had never scolded. When you have a baby tend to be overprotective, and now up to scold the cat jump on the couch when there has always slept. Let's be consistent please. This is what the cat note and this is what causes behavior problems.

Coming home with my baby, how I present it to the cat?

 When the baby is born, they can go to the cat wearing clothes or rags impregnated with the smell of the baby so that it will recognize. Having a child is one of the most wonderful experiences of life, and this joy must share it with the cat, not see it as an enemy. Presenting our son the cat has to be as natural as possible, loving, sincere desire to share it with a member of our family.
should be borne in mind something very important, for the cat, a human baby is like a adult human: different moves, different and vocalizes with loud noise and sharp, smells different. It's like a new species, so perhaps on occasion to be afraid. But if we act naturally and subtract importance, see that little by little, the cat is interested in this new partner, if we show it with joy, wanting him to be part of all this new happiness. We can let the cat smoothly approach the baby, using rewards, calmly, we can let even sleep with him. The only risk there is that the cat laying on the baby, but that's what the mothers, we are always monitoring the situation, not leave them alone.
fears Outside, enjoy your baby, your partner, your cat and your dog, the family are all together.

Trillo Laura Carmona, cats therapist

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