Audio Spotlight, which involves just who will listen, excluding those present

It's called Audio Spotlight, the sound beam created by Joe Pompei, which involves just who will listen, excluding those present
No more headphones because, from now on you can listen to music at high volume without disturbing those who are in the same room.

The discoverer of this amazing technology, in which music becomes a sort of beam of sound that can only be directed to a person, excluding other gifts, is MIT researcher Joe Pompei.

The Audio Spotlight technology, can be considered the most important, after the invention of the loudspeaker in 1925. Joseph (Joe) Pompei explains that the audio Spotlight transmits sound through the air, along a trajectory, as the light of a lantern.

It takes the form of a thin black disc half a meter diameter, directed at a person, lets get something extraordinárioO the air around your head is filled with music, and if the person moves, the sound follows. The music stops when you change the position of the black disk, from where the ultrasound.

The invention of Pompei already aroused great interest worldwide. The American technology corporation signed a contract with DaimlerChrysler, which includes installation of audio Spotlight on a test vehicle: each passenger can listen to a music program differently. The shipping company Bath Iron Works, plans to put the sound beams on the bridge of the ship of the U.S. Navy, thus allowing operators can monitor what happens, using the headset in one ear only. The sound beam, is also working on a project for a TV, reflecting against the wall, behind the spectators, the sound spreads throughout the environment.

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