PETMAN - the robot, biped, which can mimic human movements

It's called PETMAN - the robot, biped, designed by Boston Dynamics, which can mimic human movements

PETMAN (Protection Ensemble Test Mannequin) is the first anthropomorphic robot, with size and shape of a human being and that, unlike the previous ones, has no mechanical support and has a broader repertoire of movements. It is able to balance itself out crawling, doing stretches, getting circulate freely, mimicking human movements. Is being designed to test clothing resistant to chemical agents and will be exposed to other harmful elements to humans

The military intends to use the PETMAN to test physiological responses clothing such as sweat, temperature, humidity control or even breathing. The idea is to simulate the way real as possible, the reaction of a soldier who is wearing an outfit designed to protect against chemical agents.

The PETMAN is being created by Boston Dynamics, a U.S. company specializing in the engineering building robots and software for simulation.

The program is under development, and will be the first that will move like a real person. The first will be delivered to the military in 2011.

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Source of Information and Image: Vitodibari

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