Panasonic presents Armchair relax high-tech

Easy chair: high technology for comfort

The Japanese technology, Panasonic has created an easy chair that combines gentle movements and sound in three programs for different needs
in this global world we live in, everything is becoming less bounded: borders hardly exist in the commercial world, companies circulate more freely from one continent to another and the specialty of each signature 'suffer' some variations.
already that idea is not worth a company that dealt exclusively with technology, or telephone or furniture. Panasonic, for example, has decided to go beyond the air conditioning and audio and video products. Much further.
bring to market just a chair! Yes, this is an easy chair which combines comfort and high technology. Under the name of Yasumi-word which in Japanese means rest or pause find modern design intended to fit the individual needs of each user.

Panasonic presents Armchair relax high-tech

With one touch of a button provides a pleasant feeling of relaxation with a gentle rocking. The program has three levels.

Relax program of 20 minutes, reduce the regular swings and the accompanying music gradually induce sleep phase. The Refresh program, also 20 minutes, get a recovery by regenerative nap: first induces sleep by rocking and slow rhythms and soft music to wake the user then gently increasing movement and music volume. Comfort The program lasts two hours and invites you to read or listen to music in a relaxed manner. The position also incorporated rhythmic swaying to enjoy.
And for that relaxation also 'affect' the soul, a function has been integrated with a variety of sounds and music. In addition to the topics covered, it is possible to reproduce the user's favorite music thanks to a connection to external devices.
integrated sounds are selected in collaboration with sleep specialists to induce the body to relaxation by varying sounds in harmony movements with the program. The goal? Facilitate the client's dream.
addition, the vibrations of integrated subwoofers are adjustable to perceive music in the body. The chair is adjusted electronically with a wireless remote control, allowing you to select between different positions to suit your needs or tastes.
Panasonic has refused to set aside the aesthetics of your easy chair and first chose a purist design in black or white. The philosophy of the work was to combine functionality and aesthetics.
Yasumi solvent comes out this fall.

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