Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Solar Roadways - an idea Bright and eco-sustainable to replace paved roads


Solar Roadways - an idea Bright and eco-sustainable to replace paved roads

Can you imagine if instead of asphalt roads were paved with solar panels? Scott Brusaw thought about and developed a road system that uses photovoltaic cells (PV).

Launched in Oregon, USA, Solar Roadways is literally a brilliant idea and eco-sustainable and aims to use panels manufactured with a high-strength material to withstand the weight of vehicles and at the same time, taking advantage to capture solar energy, transforming it into electricity. The Solar Roadway is an intelligent road that not only provides clean energy, but can also give information and conditions to drive more safely. Thus, it would be possible to display messages about traffic, accidents and other obstacles as informing in advance when a road is blocked, and allows also that all the lights using clean energy to control traffic.

The Solar Highway is created using the connection of square panels, and each panel would have capacity of about 7.6 kilowatt-hours of energy per day, which can feed about a third of the lights of a stretch of road. . This road provides an electrical element entirely new eco-friendly, helping to significantly reduce the impact on the environment.

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