The airbrush makeup system that gives people the appearance of a celebrity

The make-up artist Turkish Feride Uslu, launches AirOpack, a system airbrush makeup for a uniform and natural

Released by make-up artist Feride Uslu, the AirOpack brings a change in the concept of beauty. Using an airbrush system, airOpack allows a woman to apply makeup evenly giving you a beautiful and natural look.

It is an innovative and simple technique, the same used with airbrushes. Built in 1893 for use in artistic paintings, the air brush (airbrush) was used for the first time for makeup in 1958 in the studios of MGM, during the filming of the epic Ben-Hur. The makeup artists felt the need to leave the extras more tanned and used this technique to characterize the actors.

AirOpack micronized in the cosmetic liquid formula, extending it on the face evenly, thanks to a small gun attached to an air compressor to produce jets of ink applied to the face, has the same effect as a traditional makeup but saving time.

The secret of the new technique is very parsimonious use of a new generation of instruments that require time and skill. One technique that is available to all who want to learn it and to modernize the field of makeup.

Today, airOpack è used in any situation and in makeup every day, a woman may feel the versatility of the airbrush and the subtlety with which he pigmented skin to perfection!

way Vitodibari

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