Shweeb, a Bike traveling above the traffic was suspended monorail

The Australian cyclist Geoffrey Barnett invents Shweeb, a Bike traveling above the traffic was suspended monorail

It's called THE SHWEEB Bike traveling above the chaotic and could be an alternative transportation for large cities. Invented by Australian cyclist GeoffreyBarnett, Shweeb is a transportation system that covers suspended monorails and transparent capsules with pedals. Each capsule holds a person with safety and comfort, encouraging bike lovers, protection also against unfavorable climates.

Besides being an excellent solution to the traffic problem, help reduce pollution because, being eco-friendly, energy spent does not generate greenhouse gases. Due to the suspended rail system, friction is much smaller than the tire of a conventional bike, enabling speeds up to 50 km / h. The Shweeb can also be used for tours, leisure option for business or leisure centers and routes impassable even for transportation underground.

Since this is a monorail, when more than one capsule dwells this way at different speeds, it can not be overcome. What to do? Intelligently, the cap engages the rear of the front, so that the two work together like a single unit. Good thinking, no?

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Source of Information and Image: Vitodibari

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