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The Flyrad Thomas Rank is an Electric Unicycle - Eco-Friendly


The Flyrad Thomas Rank is an Electric Unicycle - Eco-Friendly - using the skates and wheels

Designed by German ThomasRank the unicycle Flyrad uses a 500W electric motor and is capable of reaching up to 40 km / h. It can be directed at various positions - standing, sitting, squatting - using the format: Push-Fly (Fly-Sit) (Fly-Knee) and still Fly-Tow "with the vehicle forward.

The motorized unicycle, along with the pilot using inline skates, can turns into a tricycle. Works like a skateboard, skates or how, following the preference of the driver.

The curve is made by the driver skids acting as wheels Flyrad, and in moments when he lets his hands, you can enjoy a unique experience that gives the impression of flying. Hence the name, Flyrad.

It is expected that the Flyrad start being sold from the year that comes in three sizes (adults, adolescents and children). The adult model weighs 24 kg, has a 500 W motor and 36 V battery that charged for four hours, there is a range of up to 50Km.

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Source of Information and Image: Vitodibari


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