The Gesture Cube interacts with the waves of the hand, thanks to technology GestlC

The Gesture Cube - A new electronic device from Lunar Europe-interacts with the waves of the hand, thanks to technology GestlC

Emerges a new concept of electronic device that can control the images, sound volume, read the latest news, email, only with hand movement. Via sensors inserted, will be able to detect the approach, depth and hand movements and gestures. Thanks to technology GestlC, its five screens can interact with waves of the hand and the software responds to the stimulus of the user.

Gesture Cube, as it was christened, will be able to play music, videos, view, and share photos with smartphones, accessing the internet, apps, social networks and other tools. - All that can be done by moving a hand, without touching the surface.

Conceived by companies Lunar Europe, Zinosign and Ident, the device Gesture Cube uses 3D spatial movement tracking, a sort of media player with browser navigation to make this device an innovative and intuitive.

The gestural technology - GestlC - is the German IDENT Technology. For her, this is the future of digital interaction.

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Source of Information and Image: Vitodibari

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