The design modelável House of the Future 2050

Students of the College of Science and Technology, Deakin University, Australia, the design modelável House of the Future, 2050

With the leadership of the Project Leader Jeremy J. Ham, students of the College of Science and Technology (Faculty of Science and Technology) from Deakin University in Ausatrália, designed to house the future to the year 2050, demonstrating how a family of four people can live comfortably in a space only 16 square meters, with a shared garden and patio.

The compact house has rooms modeláveis ​​that can change its shape according to the need of the inhabitants. It has walls with a touch screen and translucent panels. Also, the apartment is fully self-sufficient.

The house is a single room, but at the same time, it can turn into a dining room, office, living room, bathroom, and more! The pupils the concept of modules so that the environments may be "mounted" in accordance with time or need. It is a concept that streamlines space, time and the need of people who will live in the year 2050.

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