The Minesto launches Deep Green underwater kites

The Minesto launches Deep Green underwater kites that have the potential to solve the energy problem in some regions of the globe

Developed by Swedish company Minesto, underwater kites, called Deep Green, offer a solution to the energy demand in some regions of the world and may soon reach the entire globe.

Deep Green - promoted as one of the 50 best inventions of 2010 by Time magazine - is a new concept for tidal power plants that take advantage ocean currents to generate clean energy, quietly and without causing damage to the terrestrial ecosystem.

The barrels are equipped with a wing of 12 meters and a turbine with a meter in diameter, which moves with the flow of water and generates energy. These sea parrots are capable of capturing tidal energy at ten times the speed of the water in which it operates.

Attached to an anchor, the pipes must be submerged to 80 meters from the surface to not collide with ships.

According to the CEO, Anders Jansson, 1% of the energy potential of the oceans would be enough to feed up to five times the world energy demand.

If this assertion is proved, hydropower, flooding large areas and cause damage to the environment, and nuclear power plants, should cede space to tidal power, offering a clean and sustainable source of energy.

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Source of Information and Image: Vitodibari

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