The Senseable - Autonomous robots to absorb the oil in the oceans

The Senseable City Lab at MIT develops Seaswarm - Autonomous robots to absorb the oil in the oceans

Seaswarm, a project created by researchers at MIT's SENSEable City Lab, is a system consisting of a set of robots connected, coordinated with each other, and designed to navigate the oceans surface autonomously, absorbing and processing oil in places where a leak occurs. Use nanomaterial hydrophobic to separate oil from water. This material has a fine mesh nanowire able to isolate and absorb oil in an amount corresponding to 20 times its weight. Upon being heated, the material allows the oil to be removed and burnt locally nanofiber and reused.

Each robot is 16 meters long and seven meters wide. His self-propelled mechanism can operate continuously for weeks through the use of photovoltaic cells that allow transform solar energy into electricity.

The robots, which are capable of communicating with each other via GPS and WiFi, work together without any human interaction, and are the next step in solving current environmental problems.

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Source of Information and Image: Vitodibari

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