The walking assist device

Walking Assist Device - Robotic Legs Honda refund freedom of movement to many people

Imagine a bicycle seat connected by mechanical means to a better pair of shoes or legs to work as the new system engine.

The Japanese carmaker, Honda has developed a device that will restore freedom of movement to people with weakened leg muscles, but are still able to walk. It's called Walking Assist Device and is a project to which the Fundamental Technology Research Center di Honda R & D Co, has been working since 1999.

Structurally, it is a small saddle equipped with many joints and legs with a pair of shoes, weighs 6.5 kg and runs on two electric motors, powered by a lithium battery which offers a battery life of 2 hours. Composed of a lightweight belt, worn around the hips and thighs, you just need to ride like a rocking horse, put your feet in your shoes and move normally, realizing that it costs much less effort because the Walking Assist Device helps support the weight of the body to reduce the load on the legs of the user.

It has a mechanism that directs the force to the center of gravity, helping the user to control the assist force in concert with the movement of the legs.

Engineer Jun Ashihara said the machine is useful for people in long lines and for people who run, making deliveries. This should be as easy to use as a bicycle, because it reduces stress and helps people feel less tired.

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