Three sentences for an everlasting love

There are three simple phrases that can make a big difference in a relationship of love and commitment.
Three little sentences that can help make the love last until the last of our sighs:
  • I love you,
  • sorry
  • and I forgive you.

He told me thirteen years ago, the day before my wedding, but the words of my grandmother still ring in my ears as if they had been uttered just a moment ago ...

I had grown away from it, and, frankly, remember receiving it any other advice, and for me, it did have much value. She lived in the United States and I was getting married in Spain, but made ​​sure to send your love, good wishes ... and a recipe for success in my marriage.

"Three phrases should say every day," she had said. "Be sure to say them, do not take anything for granted."
  • I love you.
  • Sorry.
  • I forgive you.
Three short sentences, three simple sentences. Three phrases laden with meaning. Three phrases that sometimes escape us, like air ... very easy to take for granted.

"I love you".

Because it never hurts to say it, and because I always like to hear it. They can be whispered tenderly, passionately declared, shouted with joy ... "I love you" with a laugh, a tickling in the soul. "I love you" wet with tears ... a reality stronger than a feeling or circumstance.


So many things we do or say sorry ... then say "sorry" or "forgive me?" Makes us vulnerable, deflates us. It is impossible to be perfect, and a relationship can not exist without apology tendered and accepted.

"I forgive you."

Forgiveness is a gift. It is almost always undeserved. When you do not forgive because it is logical or fair. You forgive because you love, and when you do ... you free.

My grandmother was married happily over sixty years. I'm sure that not a "I love you", "sorry" or "I forgive you" was more ...

© Author: Rebecca B.
Author of the romantic novel Beyond the mountains of the North [Store Spain] | [international store].

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