What is the meaning of Dilemma? Concept, Definition of Dilemma


Definition, Concept and Meaning: Dilemma

Dilemma is a word of Greek origin, who passed into Latin as "dilemma", composed of "dis" meaning "two" and "lemma", which translates as subject. A dilemma is the need to choose between two alternatives, which is very difficult to decide, sometimes because none satisfied by solving the problem or meeting the needs, and others because if it is clear what should be chosen, this is in contradiction with the ideology or values ​​who must choose. Assumes a crossroads. Logically appears as a syllogism whose premises propose something insoluble.

For example, when a subordinate receives an order to comply, but can not seem to just what he is told, and then your mind will create a conflict between obedience to his superior or his own assessment of the situation. For example if a school principal gives an order approving their teachers but students do not know the contents, to lower the repetition rate of the establishment, or a police chief ordered his subordinates to suppress a popular demonstration, or the case that someone really needed to get a job, you must choose between losing his job or accept one undignified.
In science also frequently arise in these ethical dilemmas, for example, can occur in vitro fertilization, while it may be the solution to the problem of infertility, may raise the question of whether in unnatural, or if can be given to the handling of embryos. To this end, there have been some disciplines such as bioethics, trying to establish ethically sound principles to solve these cases.

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