How to buy a cell phone

As a cell phone to try before you buy

While there is no general rule to determine a due date in which we must stop using our trusty smartphone, the fashions, the increasingly important services and our own needs require us to change our cries smartphone for one that at the height of the new technologies. It does not matter the reason, change is part of human nature and evolve into a more modern smartphone always offer better possibilities. That is why in this article we will know some useful tips to keep in mind when being against the seller of cell phones and not easily fooled.
If we have made ​​a decision to renew our smartphone, probably have an idea of what we want relative to the screen size, memory capacity, manufacturer and other parameters, plus of course the budget that will be needed for the purchase.

How to buy a cell phone

But now it closer to the trade, and this is where the situation will be difficult, as the sales representative to sell what they want better returns holds for him, and will ignore our real needs.
At this very point is in where this item can come in very useful, so pay attention to these lines, we can target to make a really smart purchase.

Tips for buying a smartphone

Credible Business

First, and fundamental to the after purchase, while trade is to choose where we buy our smartphone. Preferably the ideal is to buy into a business that is dedicated entirely to the field of telephony, that time has already installed at the site and even better with client references. Also of course we find a store where the vendors are friendly and allow us to make these simple tests comfortably.

Ergonomics and comfort in everyday use

Also one of the main points we need to consider is the ease of use offered by the smartphone, because if the size is inadequate, being too large or too small, do not feel comfortable using it, relegating it only when necessary, losing all utility and much of the value it has.

How to buy a cell phone

That is why we must ensure that the size and weight of it is best for us, making sure that fits perfectly into our habits and way of transport.

The processor of our new smartphone

The heart of a smartphone to beat in time with our requirements. If we are people whom we like to be distracted by a game, it must be able to be run smoothly, without any desynchronizations between audio and video, ie without any break. The same should happen with the applications we use. Agendas, media readers and any other program should run smoothly and respond instantly to commands that we provide.

How to buy a cell phone

To test whether the smartphone processor is able to fulfill what we ask, nothing better to do some tests with Angry Birds, an application that requires a lot of CPU smartphone. If it responds well, then the processor is the right choice.
We can also make another simple test, but this depends on whether the computer is currently connected to the Internet. It is to open a browser and access a site that we know make much use of images. If we can navigate smoothly is a clear indication that the CPU responds.

Accelerometer, fundamental to play

There is too much mystery in the matter of the accelerometer, the main thing is that you must react quickly to changes in orientation is detected.

How to buy a cell phone

Best to check this is to use an application that makes use of this feature, such as a game. If it is a car game, the better. When the vehicle better react to our movements, the better the feeling of use.

Display screen sensitivity and

In this regard, a simple test to perform to verify that the screen display offers good quality, is to load any images preloaded on the computer and look closely if the sharpness and color of it are suitable.

How to buy a cell phone

This we can do easily verifying that the darker areas of the image are not gray, as well as the brightness of the light areas is well shiny. It will also be necessary to look at the screen from various angles, in order to verify that images are not fading or darkening. For this to happen, we must rule out the purchase of this smartphone, as this is a clear indication of poor quality.
Regarding the sensitivity that we felt in the smartphone screen, it is best to test run the application default for texting and using the virtual keyboard included with the phone for relevant evidence.

How to buy a cell phone

Here we can see clearly if the keyboard responds well to our beats checking the amount of typing errors that displays text. If we notice a number too high, based on the amount of mistakes we usually make in other smartphones, it may be the result of a lower quality screen or resistive screens calls, a rather old and outdated technology, which does not allow called multitouch, and often must assist us with a stylus to use it.
Fortunately this technology has been replaced in most modern smart phones with capacitive type screens, much more sensitive and react to all of our fingers hand.

Sound quality, our ear health

To find out if our future smartphone eardrums not ruin us, all we can do is prove ourselves by running the preloaded sample songs provided by the equipment.

How to buy a cell phone

From here the test results and are very personal, so if the quality and volume of sound we find it appropriate, we turn to the following.

Quality and resolution of the camera

The main thing here is not to be fooled by the image resolution that claims to offer the smartphone, if not always the highest number is synonymous with quality.
A good idea to check the quality of the camera is to test it in the field, so we must take some photos of the environment and closely observe the sharpness and color of the same.

How to buy a cell phone

If these images do not offer well-defined colors and shades, or if it shows a lot of noise in pictures taken in low light, not a good sign, and we should be thinking about that phone rule, unless the capacity of camera is not one of the pillars of our purchase.

Another test that can be done to check the quality of the camera is to make a little video with it, we will know if the optics and mechanism meet good job making sure the images are properly focused, and without distortions or color problems.

course, in addition to this short and simple test that will take place in the store, we have defined beforehand what the operating system you choose for our future smartphone, as it will depend on models available for Our purchase.
In this link you can find information about the different operating systems for smartphones.

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