What is the meaning of Political violence? Concept, Definition of Political violence

Violence is the use of physical or psychological force against a person or group of them, or attacks on their property. The reasons why violence is exercised can be many: get a financial gain as in the case of the thief, revenge, dominate the will of another, expressing a feeling of anger, mental imbalance, and so on. Political violence is due to a specific reason, and that is to go against ideological opponents either to refrain from taking action against the system or destroy them, or endangering the prevailing policy.

Media that they use those exercising political violence, press censorship can be, kidnapping, torture, killings or attacks. Civilians who engage in violence to impose their ideas, are called terrorists, and should be prosecuted, if there are reasonable grounds, to see if their actions match a crime, or if it is a legitimate use of the right of resistance to oppression. Many successful revolutions that succeeded in changing the established political order, claimed the force as the only way of ending tyranny. When justifying the use of violence against the politician, it is very difficult to pin down, and generally does when successful in their claims. The French Revolution, to which we owe the recognition of the natural rights of man, used extreme violence to prevail.
States to repress popular demonstrations without legal under the rules also are terrorists, with greater responsibility, since they use the state apparatus that is authorized to practice violence in extreme cases, to lead them against their own citizens.
Political violence exerted by power, is contrary to democratic ideals, ideologies respecting their opponents and commitment to dialogue to resolve conflicts, and common in dictatorships.

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