What to do if your PC is infected with virus

Follow these steps if you are infected

It is not news that today one of the elements that we often use when we sit at a computer is online. The World Wide Web has become virtually irreplaceable tool when it comes to work or play, it's more, some users found that their social life would collapse if they can not connect if only one hour a day. But, unfortunately, is an endless source of problems. This article looks at the steps to follow in case of infection by malware.
currently While there are plenty of tools that allow us to surf the Internet safely, the truth is that many users do not take any precautions in this respect, opening the door to hundreds of your computer from threats of all kinds.

Unfortunately it is inexperienced users often make the mistake of browsing or using your PC without antivirus or other security systems to protect them.
They are the same users when encountering any signs of infection, such as unusual behavior, become paralyzed and do not know what to do. In the following links, you'll know if your computer is infected with a virus, spyware or is part of a botnet.
This article provides guidelines that we follow at the first sign of infection.

1. Make a backup of all our data

One of the best ideas that we have before taking any action to begin to eradicate our problem, is to back up all your data in a secure location, which will guarantee that for any eventuality, they will always be available and safe. You can find a list of tips and tools for this task.
In the market there are many uses for this task, but we recommend the use of the tools included with Windows, but if you are familiar with other programs also serve us.

2. Using an antivirus

Once the backup is necessary to download and install a good antivirus, of which there are many very good. At this point, one of the most chosen by users is Avast!, Who is also a free antivirus.

Another option that is also available is a free tool called Spybot Search & Destroy, which will give us a very good hand to discover threats lurking in our team.

After running the tools mentioned in the previous paragraph, it is also an excellent alternative to access a service in the cloud antivirus. One of the highlights for this task is Panda Cloud.
Hopefully, maybe we are not yet in danger. If the scans yielded positive, do not worry, because applications have certainly used the error repaired and returned everything to normal.

Considerations to take into account after danger

Once we have eradicated the danger, it is not necessary to go through this, and that is why we must take into consideration a number of premises to prevent this from happening again.
directives must always remember are:
1 . Perform regularly back up our data, as this will allow us to move more freely in case of problems.
2. Permanently installing a good antivirus experience allow us to better use our PC.
3. Learning to use our firewall. This tool is fully automatic and optimal functioning requires our participation. The best thing is obviously always have it on, and read very carefully the application displays notifications will save headaches later.
4. Windows update our system every time you require it. This is a healthy practice, as these updates offered by Microsoft containing the latest fixes made ​​to avoid security holes. Fundamental to avoid problems.
5. But above all, see where we're getting the head, as often happens we enter websites that long ago we visited, but we did not stop even once to check that they are trusted sites. The same applies to disks or pendrives of acquaintances and relatives.

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