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Definition of offer

Again it calls us a transitive verb. But before moving on to try to explain it, we will review its etymological origin. As well, in this sense it's a term that comes from the latin offerre. According to what sustains the illustrated encyclopedic dictionary Manual Sopeña, offer would promise (forced to do, say or give something); introduce and answer one thing. For example, in this case well could say: the national Government is going to provide land to those who are engaged in agricultural work.
Of course this word not only has the meaning before mentioned that, but have others that we must not overlook. Perhaps one of the most installed which holds: display, propose or describe an object, value service to someone or please hoping that someone want or accept that something, either by religious beliefs, altruism, or repentance. For this case we could graph with the following sentence: the Club of the neighbourhood partners offered Hall of the same so that Micaela celebrate their quince Años.
Meanwhile, another of their definitions says: put in front of someone, or bring him something. For example: offered him his matafuego so he could extinguish the flames of your car. In another order, it is also common to use offer for say the amount you are willing to pay for a thing. In this sense, we could calmly say: I know that the Department is worth a little more, but the owner I am going to offer for 70 thousand dollars.
Moreover, an extension of the verb that has convened us on this occasion says: give a meal or celebration in honor of someone. While there are other, more linked to the mystical or religious character holding: dedicate a work, a prayer or devote something to a Saint, a divinity or individual. Perhaps the most common case for the latter would be: their relatives will offer a mass on the first anniversary of its physical disappearance.
Offer synonyms
Then we leave them a list with synonyms of the term that we have previously spoken: seek, deliver, give, celebrate, invite, invite, promise, provide, give, devote, propose, present, make offerings and show, among others.

Concept of offering

The word offer presents a use extended in our language and usually it used to denote various issues.
When we promise to either compel us to perform some action or say something in reference to a topic is usually expressed in terms of offer.John offered me to help me in the CouncilResolution exercise.
On the other hand, when a person gives something that belongs to another in voluntary and disinterested way so this can be used to piacere, is also usual that we use the word offer to express it. I offer my house so you can celebrate your birthday if you got not even a place.
Another frequent use of this term is also at the behest of the dedication of something to someone. Such dedication may involve a holidays, a gift, the interpretation of a song, among other alternatives. Mario offered a song to his beloved.
Another use of the term allows us to express how something or someone, manifested or presented, i.e., the particular aspect that flaunt at given time. Your sister the truth did not offer us your best way at the meeting, we were really displeased us by its poor care.
In the field of religion, we also find the presence of this term since it is commonly used to express the dedication or consecration which becomes something of a precious asset, for example, either a Saint, a divinity or a family member, who is no longer physically amongst us. My brothers we offered a mass in memory of Pope.
On the other hand, in the field of trade, also we can find with this word, since it is used widely by the part buyer when wanting to acquire an asset, to indicate the money that is able and willing to pay for the good or service in question.
Noteworthy is that which concerns us is a word that introduces a variety of synonyms, obviously in tune with the various senses that holds, insofar as possible, among the most commonly used are: offer, promise and enshrine.

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