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Definition of administrator

1 Meaning of administrator

What is an administrator?

Spanish administrator is anyone who governs or leads. Administrator is which manages (Royal Academy of the Spanish language). They are synonymous with administrator: Governor, rector, Regent, Manager, director, Minister, Intendant Manager, proxy, head, guide, leader, Butler, trustee, caregiver, guardian, curator (see dictionaries of synonyms).
Manage means: govern, govern, apply. They are synonymous with administer: direct, care for, operate, tutelary, send, seize.
The language Academy writes: "administrator. That it manages. Person who manages goods". The above expresses the possibility of the administrator take care of own goods (first meaning) or goods (second meaning).
The meaning and the synonyms of the word administrator are completely valid. In practice the meanings that recognizes the language Academy are widespread and daily use of the language. This is proven in the fact that when we speak of the "management" of one entity, that is, are referring, in the first instance, to his Government or address: maximum of the administration of the Autonomous Metropolitan University is the Rector; the owner of the Federal Administration is the President of the Republic; the head of the administration of the Federal District is the Regent; the administration of Michoacan is the Governor of the State; the head of the administration of the municipality of Atoyac is the Municipal President, also called Mayor or Councilman; the administration of Pemex is the CEO of that company; owner of the management of a Department or any of an organism is the head or Manager of the same.
It is a fact that there is a very wide range of hierarchies to govern or institutions: Presidents, Vice Presidents, Governors, Regents, Ministers, directors, managers, bosses, supervisors, etc., where each specific charge has its own connotation but where all they administer, i.e. they govern, even though in general they report to higher courts, also are, one way or another, subordinates. But what is common is the remote control, the authority; the difference expressed primarily hierarchy and authority.

2. Definition of administrator

Usually the administrator word used in our language with different senses, though, always oriented to the work of the administration.
The administrator will be who exercises the function of administering a particular issue, a well, a set of goods, a company, a business, among other alternatives, which usually constitute interests that are owned by other individuals.
Then, as mentioned, the Manager basically displays the Administration something, deals with the management of the resources of an organization, community or group. So that organize, ordered the accounting, it will occupy the payment to suppliers, in some cases up to relations with the personal employee, contract services, among so many actions.
In apartment buildings, it is extremely common to find us with the figure of the administrator, who is that guy that the Consortium contracts so that it can manage all inherent to the building and its employees. I.e., the administrator is a representative of the owners and as such will hold the power of representing these entities and others.
Now, noteworthy is that its function is purely administrative, not in any way available freely from the heritage of the Consortium in question.
Broadly speaking, its functions are: selecting the staff who will work in the building, as being responsible; hire services, such is the case of disinfection companies, carrying out tasks of masonry and insurance to maintain building security; ensure the conservation and good relations in the building, making mediator if arising disputes between neighbours; accountability, among the most prominent.
In the field of computer science is another context in which it is feasible to meet the word given administrator to be appointed to the professional or individual dealing thereby maintain and run the operation of a computer network which is to be placed in a company, organization, entity, among other alternatives. These individuals have typically studied a career in systems enabling them to act as such.

3 Concept of administrator

An administrator is a person within the company that solves problems, measured resources, plans to their implementation, develops strategies, made diagnoses of situations, exclusive of the Organization to which you belong.
Can an administrator be taught what must be done to carry out the administrative process, but that does not train it effectively to do so in all organizations, the success of an administrator in an organization is not entirely related to their academic knowledge, that is a very important aspect however the administrator must have certain personality traitsmanagement know-how, to carry out in an efficient way the Administration sees Manager have a profile suitable.
There are at least three types of skills so the administrator can effectively run the administrative process: the technical skill, the conceptual and the huna:
Technical skill: consists of using knowledge, methods, techniques and equipment necessary for the accomplishment of its tasks specific through its instruction, experience and education.
Human skill: Consists in ability and insight to work with people, understand their attitudes and motivations and apply effective leadership.
Conceptual skill: consists in the setting of the person within the Organization's behavior and the ability to understand the complexities of the global organization. This ability allows the person to behave in accordance with the objectives of the overall organisation and not just according to the objectives and the needs of your immediate group.

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