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Definition of goal

1 Meaning of goal

Once again we encounter a term that has different meanings, so its meaning is changing according to the context in which it is used. The word on which we focus in this article is Meta. In its best known use, we could define it as the objective or purpose that a person is drawn in your life, or at a given moment it. For instance, a student of Economics surely will be as a goal received counter, or Licentiate in economy.
On the other hand, if one takes the Manual dictionary of the Spanish language (Editorial Larousse) and look for the term that we meet here, in its first encounter with the following: place or point at which ends a career. That is, in sport, would be the designated term of competition. It is common to hear it both auto racing and cycling or athletics. To illustrate its use, we could refer to a hypothetical situation that may arise in Formula 1: Fernando Alonso's car was left on the last lap due to technical problems and thus the Spanish could not cross the finishing line.
Meanwhile, continuing with the sport disciplines, in Spain it is common to listen to call goal arc, the goal, whether on the football field or in others that also have with them, such as the handball. In fact, continuing with the aforementioned dictionary, in the third of their meanings indicated: frame consisting of two poles and a frame covered by a net, where they should go to the ball to score a goal in certain sports.
While in Argentina and some countries of South America is called with goal kick to the exit which is done from inside girl area, with the ball stopped, to resume the game. For example, if the front tries to define the Archer and his shot goes down bottom line (without being scratched to no opponent), then the game should resume with a goal kick.
Synonym of goal
As well, let's review now synonyms of the word that we have here called: end term end, boundary, culmination, illusion, goal, purpose; door, bow, goal; arrival.

2. Goal definition

The goal in its most known and used, serves for anyone using it in order to be called the purpose or objective that has been mapped to meet in this life; for example, a law student will have as a goal the receiving lawyer, or in the case of enterprises, public bodies and Governments, the goals are involved with a subject notably achievements are proposing as part of his work and responsibility in every day.
For this reason, for example, so very common that you hear tell the press that such a Government is fulfilling the first goals of his Government's plan, when he is reported that unemployment was able to get off from 20% to 10% in a given period.
And for businesses it has a fairly close relationship to the case of Governments, since business institutions arise also steps in the medium and long term in order to maintain the profitability of your business. The goal of a marketer's desk furniture will be sell and sell as many as possible with respect to the previous month, taken as a measure to overcome. This goal would associate as far as possible with the lowest possible viable investment and the largest such sales, income to allow the growth of the company as the Agency and the labor and financial well-being of its workers.
Meanwhile, getting a bit with the spiritual side and that it concerns the personality too, enabling the achievement of a goal, we find that consistency is the best ally in achieving compliance with any goal, because without the investment of much, much effort and that it is constant in time, will be impossible to achieve any goalwhether personal or social. The concept of perseverance, the performance of high quality and dedication are part of the essential components to achieve these goals or objectives. This view is applicable to various fields, with an emphasis on work or academic and student training.
But there is also another concept that relates to him at the end and has to do with the place which is designated, by means of a flag generally, to indicate the end of a sports event. For example in vistisimas and popular Formula 1 racing a dice flag is used to indicate when cars are reaching the goal, while in athletics is often used a White Ribbon placed horizontally at the height of a human chest to indicate the goal of arrival. In fact, the concept of "meta" is defined in English-speaking Nations as a goal, the same word used to understand the "goal" of our Spanish language, objective of the sports practice in numerous disciplines.
On the other hand, in the modern practice of medical science is very frequent use of so-called "therapeutic goals", especially when stratified patients according to risk. A good example is the treatment of people with high cholesterol. While in an individual with a cardiac history serious, such as a heart attack or a stroke, intends to achieve very low levels of cholesterol, the "goal" in the subject of lower risk will be less demanding. From there to divide the sick in a personalized way in terms of the chance of developing complications allow health professionals carry out a classification in goals or objectives. Identical concept fit for the growing task of palliative medicine, in which a patient with a serious or terminal condition is impossible, but in which arises as a "goal" the reduction of pain and other conditions that disrupt the quality of life of the patient.

3 Concept of goal

It is a term used to refer to the end of a career but also to those actions that a person does with a specific objective. In ancient Rome, was the sign located at the circus, at either end of the spina (the barrier that runs along the longitudinal axis of the sand). The goal was three gold studs.
The Circus Maximus was the place of events and popular shows which consisted of an ancient Rome race track. There they celebrated the most important event that was the career of cars where the track was separated on each side with a medium high called spina and statues of various gods placed on it. The goal, a pole of rotation, in which cars were dangerous turns at high speed was placed at either end of the spina. Until the day of today, track career grassy and the famous spina is located.
In the social sense, the word refers to the objective or purpose that has a person, company or public body to meet in a certain period. Such examples can be: a student will have the goal of finishing his studies in 5 years; an employee of a company will be aimed to become Manager; a politician will develop certain activities to achieve votes and obtain a position as Deputy or Senator of a country.
Nowadays, to reach the goal also means, reach a checkered flag in a race car or a mountaineer, the Summit of a mountain. It is important to consider that to achieve any goal, it requires effort and pre-planning. There are countless examples in everyday life, where personal goals play an important role in the development of human life.

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