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Parietal lobe is within the cerebral lobes, which occupies the area that falls under the parietal bone, i.e. in the middle and side parts of the head, the largest among which form the skull. It's the brain area that is in charge especially receive sensations of touch, heat, cold, pressure, pain, and coordinate the balance. When you are injured, it gives anesthesia in the arm and leg on the opposite side, sometimes with pain and sensitive Epilepsies, and imbalances of balance. The lesion on the left side gives disorders in the language, difficult to read and difficulty performing math calculations.
The parietal bone is a bone of the skull, flat, pair, form quadrilateral, with two sides, internal (intracranial) and external (exocraneal), and four edges with their respective angles.
He is covering the upper and lateral portion of the skull, behind the front, ahead of the occipital and mounted on the temporal and sphenoid. Both parietal bones are articulated through a midline: the sagittal suture.
Parietal means wall.
For the study of the parietal bone, are recognized two faces, four edges and their respective angles. Outlined for each part, bone accidents with more importance.

2. Definition of Parietal

The most common use of the term parietal is associated with a bone that is found in the head. The parietal, in this sense, part of the skull, protecting its upper and lateral region.
Each parietal bone has an inner side and other external, square-shaped and has, therefore, four edges. The left parietal bone and the right parietal bones are United by the sagittal suture.
The parietal bone joints are carried out through the suture lambdoid (with occipital), (with the temporal and sphenoid) Squamous suture, coronal suture (with the front) and aforementioned sagittal suture (with the parietal bone).
The region of the brain that is located below each parietal bone is called the parietal lobe. These lobes occupy the area mid and side of the head and are in charge of capturing sensations such as pain and temperature. A lesion in the parietal lobe can cause problems in the extremities on the opposite side, inconvenient in speech and reading disorders.
In football, hit the ball with the parietal is one of the most common techniques from the headbutt. It is frequent that a footballer who sits facing rival arc, in the area of the area, receive an air pass (known as Center) from one side of the Court. Therefore, to hit the ball with the head, you can use the parietal bone.
Note that, in the strict sense that gives its etymology (the Latin word parietālis), parietal is linked to a wall.

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