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Definition of ride

1 Meaning of ride

The term ride can be used to designate different situations or activities. In this sense, can be both a place in which there are hikes or other activities involving relaxation, contact with nature or outdoor. On the other hand, a walk can also be understood as the Act of walking rather than as a place and here is when talking about an activity that usually lasts several hours and that it is also linked with the idea of relaxation and enjoyment.
Walking is the Act by which a person or a group of people enjoy a type of activity (usually air or outside enclosed spaces) in a relaxed manner. When performing the Act of walking new places or things can be known but also known places that are appropriate for the enjoyment and calm can be enjoying. Unlike the activities involving high-risk or greater excitement, walking always gives the idea of peace and calm. In this sense, walking relates in the majority of occasions with walks, ride a bicycle, meals outdoors, etc., all activities that do not require too much physical wear.
On the other hand, the term ride can, as he has been said before, make reference to a place specifically created for persons carry out the activity of walking. Such places are usually open to the public and outdoor, reason why in most cases do not require the payment of an entry. Among these we can mention green spaces that are designed to stimulate the contact with nature and relaxation, but also rides that involve attention to different offers such as craftsmen, tours of art which displays different works, etc.

2. Definition of ride

Ride is a term linked to stroll, a verb referring to a tour for the purpose of leisure and entertainment. A walk, can therefore be said path or circuit that runs.
For example: "next week we will walk to the mountains", "Yesterday you not called because I was walking to the mall with my parents," "go to the plaza and then out for ice cream is my favorite ride".
The notion of walking can also mention space that it goes through in a moment of relaxation or an avenue: "the walk of the centenary is beautiful: they planted new flowers and renewed the Lake", "the authorities announced that it will create a new promenade next to the Museum of natural sciences", "the police suspect that criminals hid on the promenade of the Prince after committing theft".
One of the most famous in the world is the Paseo del Prado, located in the Spanish city of Madrid. Its surface has several museums of relevance, such as Thyssen-Bornemisz and meadow, as well as sculptures of great historical and cultural significance.
In the city of Mexico, is the Paseo de la Reforma, which was opened in the 19th century. It has gazebos, numerous trees and palaces to its sides that make it a symbol of the Aztec nation.
Buenos Aires, for its part, has the Paseo La Plaza. It is a space with five rooms of theater, restaurants and shops, whose main entrance is located on the famous Corrientes Avenue.

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