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On this occasion we will be putting the accent on a masculine noun which has different meanings according to the context in which it is used. The word in question is none other than Sector. Etymologically speaking, derives from the latin which is written in the same way and also has the same meaning. As a first meaning, it would be valid to say that it refers to part of a group or class with particular characteristics. To illustrate its use in this sense well could mention: the high houses facing the sea belong to the sector of the oldest population in this coastal city.
On the other hand, it is common with this same word that reference be made in addition to that section or part that is considered an important complex is divided. For instance, if one goes from visit to a large factory and which carry out different tasks, is common who direct the guide we go walking and explaining what type of tasks are made in each sector. For example: in this sector are the workers, who handle the machines for the Assembly of parts. Meanwhile, by that sector are the offices in which they work daily managers of the firm.
In another completely different, the term in question also has a specific meaning in the field of computer science. Within this area is called a sector of the hard disk to that section of the surface that corresponds to the area which is enclosed between a pair of radial lines of a track. There it is possible to store certain stipulated amount of bytes.
While in the field of the economy, it is common to hear talk about the so-called third sector. He is called in this way to a part of the social reality that is differentiated from the scope of the State economy in the public sector. At the same time, nor responds to the capitalist order private economy.
Synonyms of Sector
Let us see what synonyms has the term which we have gathered on this occasion: phase, portion, plot, stretch, area, party, group, Department, section, compartment, division, fragment.

2. Definition of Sector

A Sector is a portion of space delimited by a boundary that divides it from the rest of more space. It is a generic term, however, is known of this application is aimed at those aspects of the society in which the implementation of separate spaces are needed. Then we will make a summary in which to appreciate different types of sectors applied on and accurately in the society and that they represent a clear and distinctive signal:
The economic sector of the country is a globalization of terms and structures to maintain the capital sector and money in proper administration, the economic sector comprises a complex control system products and money to a phased but own, level the relationship that remains between the country with other foreign negotiators also form part of a country's economic sector.
Agriculture, mining, animal sector, fisheries, industry, the General services sector and all included products and services are part of the commercial sector, which is the establishment of the society which are distributed products and services to consumers and customers in general, the action apply to different parts of the population, and these are also sectors.
A map can be divided into sectors according to the activity within this run, is important to the Organization of a company in sectors, for example, in a car factory, there are sectors grouped as a string, in the first sector configured and built the chassis, then painted it in the next field, and so on in each sector adds a component until it is complete.
The sectors of society better known as strata of the population, are a "Non-hierarchical" division which establishes levels according to the capabilities of a family have comforts and luxuries, these strata are fluctuating and lose no value given the high rate of problems that exist around these. That is, they will always exist.