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Definition of battalion

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1. Concept of battalion

A battalion is a military of about 1,000 men unit (can go from 300 to 1,500) comprised, usually, two to six companies and was typically by a Lieutenant Colonel or a Colonel.
(e.g. some armies organize their infantry battalions, but instead call the equivalent of cavalry and artillery units "squad" or "group"). You can even have subtle distinctions within the armed forces of a nation, such as the distinction between a battalion of trucks and a mechanized Squadron, depending on how the operational role of the unit within the historical organization of the army is perceived.
A battalion is generally the smallest unit capable of independent operations (i.e. not linked to a higher command). However, many armies have smaller units that are self-sufficient.
The battalion is usually part of a regiment, group or Brigade, depending on the organizational model used by that service. The battalions are normally homogeneous with respect to the type (e.g. an infantry battalion or a battalion of cars), although there are many exceptions.
The historical name and generic battalion is very old. The technical name battalion no data beyond of the 17TH century. It is an augmentative translated from the Italian bataglione, which means great battle or gathering of many battles, taking this term in the sense of troops, which had at first and for a long time. It is a mistake to assume as some, that battalion is a diminutive of battle. In the 14th century with the name battalion was understood to be a gathering of troops from eight to ten thousand men forming a large sections into which an army, i.e. one mass of troops was divided. Even in the 16th century was indiscriminately the name battalion to a mass of square troops were infantry or cavalry.
The inaccuracy of this term see, Machiavelli proposed that battalion name would be given to a large regiment and this batallon-regimiento of Machiavelli was divided into throngs that could be compared to our modern battalions. The name battalion wasn't to be regulatory in the French armies until Luis XIV. Then took in a sense like it did the cohort among the Romans, the Byzantines between the dronte, at age middle scale and the legions of Francisco I bands.

2 Meaning of battalion

The word battalion holds an extended usage within the military context given that in this way is called a unit of troop that has been formed by several companies.
We can not start without the presence of the first battalion.
The Battalion comprises around thousand men, soldiers of race, which are grouped in companies, between two and six, which are led by a military that offers the degrees of Colonel or Lieutenant Colonel.
It should be noted that it is usual that some armies organize their infantry battalions and a brigade, Regiment or group that integrates at the same time.
Usually, the battalion, is the smallest unit within the force and sends it to which to carry out independent missions, although of course, all of this may vary according to model presenting the service.
The battalion concept is certainly old, since approximately the first jobs of the same date back to the 17TH century. It comes from the Italian word bataglione which means great battle or the meeting of several battles.
But also in colloquial language the word presents a routine use and we use it when we want to realize that large in number group of individuals, i.e., that group made up of many people to mention. Obviously this reference is taken from its original meaning which is the above military field.
Yesterday I made food to a battalion. Came my three children with his wives and my grandchildren. I am dead.
Meanwhile, the word battalion has several synonyms for the above senses. On the one hand, we are the company's, also used in the context military to refer to that unit of infantry that is led by a captain. And on the other hand the crowd referring to the large number of individuals.