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Definition of Conversion

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1. Concept of Conversion

Conversion is the religious practice that a person adopt as their own the beliefs of the community of believers that is incorporated. When this practice is carried out by someone who had a religious belief prior and different from that assumed, since that moment happens to be considered by the community of believers abandoned as an apostate or a renegade.
It must be distinguished from the rite of passage or initiation, the set of ritual actions with which the neophyte or catechumen is publicly acknowledged as a member of the community, and occurring in most of the cultures accompanying biological transit that takes place after birth or childhood, therefore without having another prior religious belief.

Conversion to Judaism

First the repentance.
The Jewish norm that regulates the acceptable way to convert to Judaism is called giur. The decision to convert to Judaism must come from the own conviction, demonstrated by what is said and does.
Requirements, dictated by the halakha are the following:
• Circumcision.
• Ritual bath immersion.
• Understand and accept the obligations of being an observant Jew.
As a result of the conversion, the proselyte passes to be part of the Jewish people, with some restrictions in some of the Jewish denominations.

Conversion to islam

A neo-musulman or Muslim recently converted to islam is called Muallaf. The most important of the five pillars of islam (belief in one God, and Muhammad is his Prophet), is that mark the conversion that occurs from the moment that the new believer will sincerely make this profession of faith, called shahada.
In the medieval Muslim Spain, converts to islam were called muladíes.

Conversion to Sikhism

To convert to Sikhism, you must demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the contents of Guru Granth Sahib and demonstrate maturity to follow the code of Sikh conduct
There is an initiation ceremony in which there are a series of prayers and ritual acts, listed below:
• Reading of the rules and obligations.
• Acceptance of the rules and obligations.
• Prayers around the amrit or nectar, which is prepared by adding sugar to a bowl with water, by the five piare.
• Distribution of nectar to the initiates.
• Prayer and commitment from insiders.
• Potluck (Kara Parshad).

2 Meaning of Conversion

The concept of conversion features various applications in our language. One of its more general purpose is to indicate modification which is a thing that makes until turning it into other different. For example, this sense is widely used at the behest of the foreign exchange market for express transfer of one currency to another. At the airport in London we do weights conversion to euros.
On the other hand, the conversion, change, may involve ideas, thoughts, beliefs, among other issues.
In the religions it is common to occur this practice in which an individual will adopt as their own beliefs that holding the religion which you decide to incorporate. It is very common that a Catholic decides to convert to Judaism, and vice versa. When this situation occurs, i.e., the person has a previous religious belief and decided to replace it with another, for religion that leaves it will be considered an apostate.
In the case just mentioned conversion to Judaism, there is a regulation governing such a situation and are known as giur. It should be noted that this proposed as fundamental the absolute conviction of mind and action, to perform the conversion. After that, the person must submit to the classic rites of the Jewish religion: circumcision, bath and the acceptance of the obligations. Although, it is worth to indicate that it may be subject to some restrictions.
On the other hand, the Christian religion, referred to as epistrepho, which means to become to that individual who is converted to Christianity.
On the other hand, at the behest of the rhetoric, the conversion, also referred to as epiphora, is a literary figure of repetition that consists of one or several words at the end of the phrases, verses.
Among synonyms of frequent use which holds this term stands for change, because change is the action of change and the effect of the same. Meanwhile, the concept that directly opposes is immobility, that in contrast to change means failure, lack full mobility.

3. Definition of Conversion

Conversion is a term with origins in the latin conversĭo, which refers to the action and effect of convert or develop (make that a person or a thing is transformed into something other than what it was).
The concept is used in the field of religion to name a practice consisting of a person to adopt as their own the beliefs and rituals of the community of believers that joins. The conversion involves an initiation or rite of passage through which the convert is recognized officially as a new Member of the Group and public.
The Christianization is the conversion to Christianity. Throughout history, this process was carried out in different ways, both peaceful and violent. The rite of initiation of Christianity is baptism.
The conversion to Judaism is regulated by a rule known as giur. The convert must undergo circumcision and a ritual bath, also show their understanding on religion and accept the obligations imposed by this.
The conversion can also refer to changing currency or currency, is a financial operation that consists in changing money from one country (for example, Argentine pesos) for money from other (dollars, euros, etc.).
For rhetoric, the conversion or epiphora is a figure that consists of using a word at the end of two or more members of the period.
In computer science, the conversion is the transformation of computer data of one specific representation to another, which implies the change of format of the bitmap.