What is the meaning of Harmful? Concept, Definition of Harmful

Definition of harmful

1 Meaning of harmful

bad adj. That causes or may cause material or moral damage. malicious, malignant, harmful. beneficial.
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adj. It harms or may harm.
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bad Adj [peɾxudi'θjal] which causes or may cause material or moral damage
Smoking is harmful to health.
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2. Definition of harmful

Bad is an adjective that refers to that which may cause damage or that negative results for something or someone. The concept is associated with the damages, which are certain disadvantages that it is possible to experience.
For example: "In my opinion, the words of team captain proved harmful for the club", "the doctor has told me that you do not mix this remedy with alcohol as that would be harmful to my health", "specialists claim that the presence of cell / mobile phones in the classroom is detrimental to the educational process".
This concept is often used linked to certain habits that cause damage in the body. They say that smoking is harmful to health, since this practice causes all kinds of problems in the individual who smokes.
The person who smokes tobacco has one much greater chance of suffering lung disease (COPD) chronic obstructive or lung cancer in comparison to an individual who doesn't smoke. Why they say that the habit is harmful to health and awareness-raising campaigns are developed so that people know the risks that is subjected to light a cigarette.
The excessive consumption of alcohol is another bad habit for the organism. Diseases and conditions commonly caused by alcoholism, damage include in the pancreas, cirrhosis, and sexual impotence. Alcoholism is also damaging to the psyche, since it affects the development of disorders of anxiety and depression.

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