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Definition of respect

1 Meaning of respect


1. It is used in expressions:
in this regard in relation to what it is: I have nothing to add on the subject.
with respect to or concerning or regard so it applies to respect what you said yesterday, there has been no change.
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m. reason, ratio or proportion of one thing with another.
In the connection. loc. Advisor. To share, to correspondence, respectively.
With respect, or concerning, or of. Respectively.
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s m respect [res'pekto] ratio or proportion of one thing in relation to another
Motorcycles have a low consumption with respect to automobiles.
in this respect
in relation to the thing in question
I don't know anything about.
respect, respect, respect of
in what refers to
With regard to your call yesterday, I prefer to forget what you told me.
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2. Definition of respect

Respect is a term that we use with many recurrence in our language when we want to express the relation that exists between something else, for example, something is linked with something else that is being talked about. He spoke of the possibility that new courses open in the afternoon, however, still, the management decided not to anything about.
Among the most common synonyms that apply to this word we find the relationship, which undoubtedly is the most widely used in this sense.
Because the word relationship, at the behest of the grammar, is precisely the connection that exists between two words in the same sentence, or between sentences.
Basically, the word relationship implies a correspondence, the connection between one thing and another.
Also from the word relationship can refer a fact. John and Mary cited us to speak in relation to the fight of our daughters.
Another synonym we often used instead of the one that concerns us is the reason, term referring to the argument that mentioned, expressed with the Mission of supporting something in one of your senses.
And other synonyms which is commonly used in relation to the word that concerns us is the correspondence. Although the word has several references the sense that matches the connection is one that allows you to indicate the relationship between one thing and another.
On the other hand, the expression do something regard is a phrase of popular and current use in the everyday language of our language and which is used to express the need to perform an action, activity, task, quickly, to solve a situation that yes or Yes-demand solution in the short term. We have to do something about the annoying noises that seventh neighbour causes A, already are unsustainable.

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