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Definition of sloth

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1. Concept of sloth

Idleness is a negative sentiment arising in humans when found a situation that displeases him. In the workplace, carelessness at work, usually appears above all when asked more than what they give us; When the precariousness in the Office the only thing important to work makes cashing payroll ends meet.

To combat this frustration , it is necessary that there is a little motivacion.l motivate us when something we dislike is tricky, but not impossible. To start can point those things from our work which we do not like in a sheet and, little by little, can change.
We can also write to our aspirations, if we want to end up being responsible someday, it is necessary to think on how to act and behave to adapt to the profile you are looking for to fill that job.
On the other hand, If your work does not motivate you why has nothing to do with what you've always wanted to do, comfort you thinking that this crisis is temporary and that within a few years the labour overview allows you find a job that you like most. This is a work of "survival" and as such we should keep it and patiently wait for things to go better.
So now you know, if some time you need someone who gives you a nudge to leave in sloth at work, now is the time that lame the reins of your life and you are yourself which make that effort.
Think that you're a wonderful girl and therefore you are going to have a lot of possibilities in life, not locked you into a black hole of loneliness and tries to motivate you to wait for something better.

2 Meaning of sloth

Sloth is a term that comes from the latin desidĭa and which refers to the sloth or inertia. The sloth, is therefore associated with sloth and lack of care or application.
For example: "won't tolerate more your laziness: clean your room or you will be punished", "By the sloth of the rulers, Rolando a new accident took place on the old bridge that crosses the river", "what most bothers me in a person is carelessness to resolve the issues that must be attacked immediately".
Neglect may be associated with the laziness, sloth, the listlessness, disinterest, laziness, passivity and vagrancy. The concept can be applied to the order of a House ("ends with sloth and organizes your things that there is no place for anything"), personal hygiene ("depression plunged it into sloth and already not even shaving"), the care of children ("Juanita was hit head by the neglect of their parents, who do not pay enough attention"), attention to problems ("the sloth of Roberto done they seized US House"), etc.
The notion of neglect may also be linked to abandonment, neglect and failures in the fulfilment of an obligation. If Government fails to meet the needs of a road maintenance, you can talk of sloth. This type of behaviour or attitudes may even be fatal (for example, if there is an accident of gravity in this way).

3. Definition of sloth

Means neglect one of the most negative attitudes that may be human and having to do with the unconcern or disinterest the situation of pain, suffering or discomfort of the other. The sloth is no more nor less than the lack of commitment and assistance to someone who is suffering, for example someone who lives on the street. Carelessness should not be confused with indifference even if both have a same branch that is to leave to attend to that person who needs it. In the case of neglect, however, we find more resolute and voluntary person, i.e. a decision more clearly linked with not wanting help for a reason, not out of fear or ignorance as it could happen with indifference. The sloth is a very negative attitude prevents a person to act in solidarity, concerned or interested with him who so need it.
The term laziness can be applied to a myriad of situations and variables. However, in the majority of cases is a term used to refer to issues having to do with social performance, i.e., the behavior of human in lathe of others and not so much surrounding oneself. While one can exercise sloth to oneself when it ceases to worry about for their own health, their own appearance or their own well-being, Word refers mostly to a social attitude that it has to do with some malice in not resolving situations that may be conflicting or painful for others.
Today, modern society presents many complexities that have to do with problems such as poverty and social inequality. In these cases, neglect is very visible when we talk about Governments who don't want to solve these problems by political interests, so we can also speak of idleness when some people act so miserable or aggressive and derogatory way with those people who suffer from being in a situation of indigence.