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Definition of worst

1 Meaning of worst

worst adj.
1 Which is bad or inferior quality with respect to another thing that compares: this fabric is worse than that you have purchased. better.
Note: is the comparative adjective wrong. Followed by item, is the superlative degree: of all the cities I know, this is the worst.
2 Which is not preferable: the consequences could still be worse. better.
3. It is used to indicate that something is or is made more poorly on anything else that compares or more contrary to good or convenient way: the patient is worse. better.
Note: is the comparative adverb of evil.
worse that worse it is used to indicate that what is proposed as a remedy even worse things.
much worse still worse.
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Comparative adj. wrong.
Bad condition or lower quality with respect to something else that is compared.
Advisor. m. comparative of evil.
More evil, contrary to what is good or what is convenient.
Worse than worse. An expression which means that what is proposed for remedy or apology from one thing worse it.
So much worse. Worse still.
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worst Adj [pe'oɾ] is less than anything else that compares
This novel is worse than the other.
worst Advisor
more evil, more badly
We will increasingly worse.
worse than worst
indicates a disagreement when a bad situation is complicated even more
But what the worst if over not go, do not notice him.
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2. Definition of worst

Worse, it is a concept that comes from the Latin word peior. It can be used as a comparative adjective or adverb, according to the context. The worst, for example, is something that is less suitable and beneficial in comparison to something else: "I bought the new version of the football game, but I thought it was worse than the previous one," "this is of lower quality than the other", "In terms of numbers, the current campaign of the team is worse than the last year".
The term worse also can be used to refer to what is opposite of profitability, the usable or, on a broader level, the good news: "the worst thing that can happen is to have a boss with these characteristics", "There is nothing worse than going on holiday and forget your mobile phone at home", "Roberto is angry with me: says that lend money to Mauritius is the worst thing I could have done".
You can understand the idea of the worst as an exacerbation of evil: if it is bad to lose one hundred dollars at the casino, losing two hundred dollars is worse. What is considered as the worst also can be more low, negative or harmful in a hypothetical scale. In this way, someone can say that filmmaker X is the worst director in the history of cinema (i.e., for this person, does not exist a baddest director).
The notion opposite worse is better (the exaltation of the good or positive): "Lionel Messi is the best player in football today".

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