What is the meaning of Attractive? Concept and Definition of Attractive

Definition of attractive

Concepto de Atractivo

1. Concept of attractive

Are some of the María Moliner: "attractive,-to (applied to people, their physical appearance, treatment, etc.)" 1. Such arousing sympathy or affection and does find their treatment of others. 2 (n., in Dr.;) "Exercise, possess, have"). "Charm". Beauty or another quality or set of qualities that someone draws sympathy, love and affection of others, desirable makes his deal, or a thing is pleasant." Low to attract, I emphasize: "cause a thing or a person someone affection, love or desire for treatment, proximity or possession. "Make a person or a thing that are directed to her looks, attention, etc. of others or someone particular." And finally from attraction to emphasize: "Phenomenon of attracting each other bodies" (means obviously magnetism). It is the use of the Spanish dictionary. In fact, there are applications. In terms of sex appeal is very much its English name: sex appeal (pronounced "sexapil"), that the British define as the quality to attract members of the opposite sex. In one of its various meanings, appeal translates well for "attractive" and its synonyms. And to close the circle is to highlight the success of the name of the "attractions", which increasingly concentrate on ad hoc theme parks; Indeed exert an irresistible attraction especially in children.
As to its origin must be observed that it places us before our difference between "take" (from here to there; originally it was bottom up, it levare) and "bring" (there hither; trahere family are tractor and traction, which are forces of drag, i.e. towards oneself, one front; going in the opposite direction, going one behind what moves)they are thrust forces). It is therefore the verb traho, trahere tractum, with the meanings of the pull direction, drag, carry dragging, the marks the meaning of the appeal and attraction. Trahimur omnes studio laudis, Cicero says: all are drawn by the lure of praise. Trahit sua quemque voluptas, each attracts its own desire for pleasure, says Virgilio. Trahere in is crime was to attract back the accusation. In all meanings of this word, which are many, it underlies the idea of drag, pulling things. The sustantivación tractio, tractionis is the action of lure with strength, pull, drag also shot, dragging; the prefix ad (for attraction of the tee that follows, at) in the verb (attrahere) and the name (attractio) just explicit and reinforces the meaning of the simple form: attract towards you, pull towards you action. Adjective attractivus, a, um, the way means that has the property of attracting, that attracts, sexy, attractive.
The words that used our language to designate sexual attraction are in line with their own intrinsic value and the reality that called. Because of its Latin origin is evident in them is containing the drag force, perfectly exemplified in the saying "Throw more two than two carts tits"; but the exquisite craft which of these words has been made, has become them more noble and expressions humanized something for which our language has a wide variety of resources, which we reserve for when we want to highlight the aspect of animal and primary of the relationship between man and woman.

2. Definition of attractive

Coming in its etymology from the Latin term "attractīvus" attractive word mean to attract, brings for himself, want any thing, person or relationship, to make her own. Who possesses attractive meets the conditions and qualities to make it worth bending the will of another to him.
The attractive depends on the expectations generated with respect to the object it concerned. A flower will be attractive for its aroma and its colors, a bird may be by its shades or his singing, a tourist destination for its beaches, hills, mountains or snow, such as gifts or comfort provided its facilities; Depending on much of the subjectivity of those who feel the attraction. Example: "I feel a great attraction for mountains, instead my husband feel attractive by sea". Making something attractive or not so it is rather subjective; even some people feel attraction for visiting inhospitable places to see as a challenge.
With respect to persons its appeal may lie in its physical beauty, in their moral qualities, in sympathy, in his cultural background, in his goodness, his intelligence, in its mystery, or in his grace. For example "Juana has an attractive on me, it's not nice but I really enjoy talking with her"; "the life of Ghandi is attractive to me, it was someone who filled her life of love and peace".
In the field of business they may be attractive because they leave large profits, because they matter few risks and many benefits, because they do not need large investments or time or money, etc.

3 Meaning of  attractive

Are some of the María Moliner: "attractive,-to (applied to people, their physical appearance, treatment,

The attractive Word is used in our language to give an account of what is attractive and draws us by case. You can apply both to persons, objects, or objects. So that we can speak of an attractive position, attractive eyes, or an attractive man.
Although the word that we have widespread use, noteworthy is that its synonym: attractive, has an even more popular and widespread use in our language.
Now, getting immersed in the word sexy, it involves action attract, something as well as bring to that or to the one you want to have.
Worth mentioning is that this or that feature attractive present conditions and also qualities that will make that the other cannot not fall surrendered to his feet.
Of course what is attractive is closely linked with the subjectivity of each which and also with the expectations generated by each object that is.
Thus, for example, person who likes outdoor life considered appealing the green color of the grass, singing and colorful birds. While another individual to which the arts like will find it appealing, attractive, visit the Museum of fine arts is crossed.
On the other hand, in the case of individuals, the attractive normally has to do with physical qualities that presents a person either moral values that an individual manifests.
In this case also there is predominance of subjectivity which is in final determines what will appeal to one or the other according to clear their tastes and inclinations. A person who likes high men, prove attractive all those men that measure more than 1,80 m. and instead will not stop to contemplate one that measure below this measure.
Then, the lure is in close harmony with our personal preferences.

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