What is the meaning of Chair? Concept and Definition of Chair

Definition of Chair

Concepto de Silla

1. Concept of Chair

A Chair is a piece of furniture whose purpose is to serve as a seat to a single person. It tends to have four legs, although there may be one, two, three or more. They can be made in different materials: wood, iron, wrought iron, plastic or a combination of several. Depending on your design can be classic, rustic, modern, Office, etc. Which are broad, somewhat high-back, with arms and rocker chairs are called. Which also have arms but are referred to as the dining or theatre seats. Which are comfortable, with armrests and low back are called armchairs. Also a Chair can refer to a bed, usually made of cloth, hung between two trees or sticks that sustain it, also called camp bed, camp Chair or hammock.

Types of chairs

• Car seat. Chair for transporting children in the car. They have to be standardized according to the legislation of each country. They are set using the safety belt and can have front or back to the March according to the model and the age of the baby.
• Chair of the Queen. Seat which is formed by interlacing the arms of two people and is used in certain games.
• Folding chair. Usually wooden chair that is folded occupies very little space. It is used for special occasions like celebrations, fairs, sports events, parades, etc.
• Wood Adirondack Chair. Folding chair with seat and back fabric and legs in saltire.
• Office Chair. A Chair that is used in offices. It has adjustable seat height and reclining backrest to adapt it to the characteristics of each person.
• High Chair. Chair with front shelf which used children to eat.
• Chair rocking. Typical wooden chair, with an edge that is curved at the bottom that lets you move back and forth. It is very common in the Caribbean Islands and its common use, besides for old-age people, it is to cuddle babies.
• Other types of chairs is the Chair with plastic.

2. Definition of Chair

The Chair is one furniture older than the men we used to sit. From the earliest times human beings have thought and developed furniture that facilitate them to rest, the saved and the Organization of everyday life.
The most typical design of Chair has a seat with backrest and four legs.
Although the regular design has four legs, also there are two, one and three legs. Also in terms of the material, there are a variety of alternatives: wood, iron, plastic or a combination of some of these, among others.
In design, we also have different proposals: modern, classic, rustic, style, Office, among so many others.
Then, in everyday life we can find different types of chairs, meanwhile, then review those most common: arms Chair (has of armrests), Chair of the Queen (is the seat that create two individuals taking their arms by the wrists), sedan (it is a type of vehicle with a seat for a single person and that is supported by two sticks that are carried by two men), Chair of child (is a Chair that has wheels and some other amenities to allow the transfer of young children), wheelchair (he is wearing persons with transportation disabilities; has two large side wheels and a seat. The mobilization of the wheels allows the displacement), Chair electric (is that instrument that is designed to execute those sentenced to death. You feel it and proceeds to kill them), folding chair (one that has a mechanism that allows you to replicate it and make it smaller).
In the field of interior decoration, the Chair turns out to be the table one of the elements essential in any House dining room, because just the dining room is organized from the central table and chairs set. From the chairs it is possible to give a space a particular personality and style.

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