What is the meaning of Euthanasia? Concept and Definition of Euthanasia


Concept of Euthanasia

1. Concept of Euthanasia

Euthanasia is one of the most controversial phenomena today in relation to the rights of man. We understand euthanasia practice whereby a person agrees to provide death or death of an individual when they had the latter asked to end their pain and suffering. While euthanasia part of an act of kindness, the controversy lies in the possibility that gives the human being to end the life of a person when many argue that this is unethical or responsibility to be God or to be a crime. 
As with other controversial phenomena such as abortion or gay relationships, euthanasia may generate great ideological struggles for positions to take. The word euthanasia comes from the Greek meaning "good death". This is because according to practice euthanasia is performed by a person according to the wishes of who is in a state of great suffering and, perhaps also, irreversibility of their disease. This point is very important because if there is no notion of order in the middle of the action, we are talking about crime. 
Opponents of euthanasia can be divided into those who profess any faith and those who do not.While the former argue that the only one who may be entitled to decide when to end the life of a person is God, and therefore it is not possible for a human being ends the life of another, the latter qualify for euthanasia simply as a crime because, in one way or another, regardless of the reasons, you are killing another individual. Here comes then also the judicial and legal issue that could turn anyone who accessed a possible criminal act. 
Most countries do not have a position taken on the phenomenon, unlike what happens with other issues such as abortion or gay marriage. Very few are those who consider euthanasia as a legal thing, but still, it continues to be, at least, a situation of high suffering and pain for all parties involved.

2. Definition of Euthanasia

Euthanasia is the action that will cause the death of a terminally ill in order to avoid the same major physical and mental suffering. Although further action may be a default will also act as an accelerator for the death of a terminally ill patient with the intention of the above: the patient has no more conditions. 
So, therefore, the concept is closely linked to that of death, that is, when you mention euthanasia will be speaking to cause death to avoid further pain. 
There are two classifications of euthanasia, direct euthanasia, which will involve the advancement of the time of death of the patient in the case of a incurable disease, it presents two ways to turn activates (cause painless death at the request of the patient, is very common in cancer cases, are used special substances that cause death or overdose of morphine) and passive ( left untreated a condition medically, thus precipitating the end of life). And indirect euthanasia involves the application of procedures that have death as a side effect, for example, overdose of painkillers to relieve pain. 
Doctors are professionals responsible for performing euthanasia, obviously with the consent of the patient's family. However, there are cases in which the patient himself is in a position to decide on your life because it is in their full power available to it, seeking enforcement of euthanasia, although it noted that euthanasia is banned in most countries. 
Meanwhile, as mentioned is that euthanasia is to be an issue of controversy and countless ethical debates between its proponents and detractors. 
promote Those who do it because they believe it prevents lengthen suffering to a person with a terminal illness and irreversible and because they reject outright the artificial prolongation of life and usually leads to inhumane situations. 
And on the other hand, critics believe on the contrary that no one has the right to decide the end of life of a person. 
Another reason also puts the focus of the discussion is because throughout history to it you used it as a tool to eliminate those social groups antagonistic to a given power or ideology. For example, Nazism promoted euthanasia of the handicapped and the disabled to consider them inferior and assume that this action was helping to spare them further suffering.

3. Meaning of Euthanasia

Euthanasia is a process of taking the life of someone with certain clinical processes in order to provide a person to their suffering by death. From Euthanasia is known that there are many types, but the two main ones for "Action" and "Skip". The first of these consists of giving the patient a series of drugs so that it dies without any suffering, but feel no trauma to leave life behind, in many cases, euthanasia per share is provided to people without remedies some and you want to stop suffering, is in cases where life is synonymous with pain. Euthanasia by action may be authorized by the family in cases where the patient is in a vegetative state and is known not to ever wake up. 
Euthanasia by omission is to interrupt the established treatment to a patient because it is known that it has no positive impact on the patient's body, patients receiving euthanasia by omission have a disease too advanced, so not worth it to keep trying to improve it. There are people who prefer to die at home, so with the consent of the family and on occasion, the same patient, there is a shuttle to die at home in peace to his chambers. Euthanasia in modern society maintains a constant debate moral and religious hectic therefore this is an area that considers the decision to die due to God or any divine being, life interrupted by medical issues and apropósitos represents for some one kind of murder or manslaughter. 
There are countries that prohibit the practice of euthanasia, since mores prevent becomes effective, but unlike these, there are countries with euthanasia clinics, the Netherlands is an example, have an institution dedicated to taking the life of their patients, is a service offered to people who want to stop there. This has generated so much controversy that has generated a very negative matrix around the country that allow it, it is considered that the measures they have them for the death of her population are very different.

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