What is the meaning of Plate? Concept and Definition of Plate


Plate Concept

1. Concept of Plate

The floor plate is a word that has multiple uses in the common language of the people. While in most cases represents the same element type, which does not vary too much, the uses of the word 'plate' can be many and varied. Plate can describe as a rather flat surface without too much or surface that can be used in different situations or space exists in some specific objectives. 
When talking plate, one of the most common uses is the plate commemorative rate is placed at certain places to honor a person, to remember a situation or to celebrate certain events. These plates are usually small to medium, never very large and can be made ​​of materials such as wood or metal so that they are durable and not easily destroyed (because they are usually placed in the open). 
Another use of the word Plaque is when it comes to motherboards, a piece of electronic hardware upon which placed circuits and computer codes that will target the proper operation of a computer. These motherboards and motherboards are usually small and its size is, paradoxically, inversely proportional to its importance as without them the computer can not function as such. 
then there are the tectonic plates. These are the famous stone sections that are below the surface and covering the interior of the Earth, acting as a cloak over him. The tectonic plates (large and powerful geological masses) are responsible, from their movements and displacements, earthquakes and earthquakes that occur in some regions of the world, especially in those where two plates come together and become visible externally by the presence of mountain ranges.

2. Definition of Plate

The floor plate, etymologically derived from the French "plaque" means putting one thing on top of another. Is applied to the rigid plates can be commonly 8aunque metal other materials) and thin thickness, which are used for identification as in the case of license plates 8patentes) or memorial purposes, reminders, or recognition tribute , as the plates are placed on tombs, police wearing plates or plates on the monuments. 
also used to designate the sheets or films formed about something, such as plate tartar on teeth, plates or pus in the throat. Also image plates, which record an image, used mainly in Medicine to observe the bones. 
The pieces that make up the Earth's surface, in a number not less than fifteen, also called plates (tectonic or lithospheric), which are placed on a layer of rock and quicksand. When plates collide with each other, originate mountains, volcanoes, and jerks, called earthquakes. 
In Medicine atherosclerotic plaques are a greasy film that forms on the wall of the blood vessels to be thickening, hardening arteries, causing among other ailments, thrombosis, ischemic heart disease, renal or cerebrovascular disease. 
In Computing, the motherboard or "motherboard" is one that provides connections to other elements of the system (microprocessor, memory, control chips, etc.) logical and electrical type.Is the fundamental element of the computer.

3. Meaning of Plate

Plaque is a concept that comes from the French plaque. Although it has multiple meanings, usually refers to some sort of sheet or table that meet certain functions or allow display information. 
A plate, in this sense, may be a sign that provides useful information about something or remembering a fact or a personality. For example: "The municipal government installed a plaque at the birthplace of the writer", "Various plates at the corners allow to follow the tour", "This building ... is the Tax Office? I'm noticing the plaque at the entrance ". 
's badge to display certain professionals or government officials as proof of their identity and their titles also called plaque: "When the officer showed his badge, was shot "" Before you let the inspectors, ask them to display their plate. " 
In several areas related to health is often used the notion of plaque. An image plate (also called x-ray) is that image that is generated when a person is subjected to a particular radioactive source.For the different densities, certain items are recorded in a clear tone on the black plate. Known as plaque, moreover, the accumulation of bacteria, viruses, fungi and other organisms in the mouth of a human being. 
On computing lastly motherboard or circuit board contains the necessary elements that interconnect for the operation of a computer: "I think they broke the motherboard of my PC: I have to call a technician."

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