What is the meaning of Public? Concept and Definition of Public

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Concepto de Público

1. Concept of public

The public Word is an adjective that refers to that or that which for the rest and as a result of what is notorious, manifest, obvious, it is known and in addition seen by all. A public scandal as that of bribes in the Senate, which reached such social impact, not could never go unnoticed to the world; some political figures should take into account that to be public figures their views are heard by all and arouse the interest of a large part of society; Greenpeace activist undressed in public as part of its methodology in protest against the killing of whales.
On the other hand, the public is that group of people who gather in a certain place or physical space with a purpose in particular, usually, to attend a show and can this be artistic, sporting, cultural, among other possibilities. The audience filled the room to hear interpretations of the Italian tenor; in his debut, the play attracted an enormous amount of public; the party aroused so little expectation in the audience that averaging the same, half, I retired from the stadium.
But in addition, is public, everything belonging to the society, to the village common and mostly tends to be used as a concept opposed to private. For example, the public hospital is that health institution that is funded and maintained by contributions that make the State, which come from the taxes of citizens. For this reason it is that in this case, the public hospital can be used by any citizen without having to pay any monetary value for its use.
The public space is one that is open for the whole society, fact that there cannot be any distinction so that anyone can access it. On the contrary, private space can be opened, closed or suspended by their owners without having to account to no one and administered according to the interests of these.
A public company is one whose destiny is handled by the State and the main difference that present with respect to private companies is that their capital is in the hands of investors who have nothing to do with state money.

2 Meaning of public

Public is a word that encompasses everything related to the management of population masses, understood this, as everything that society uses as part of the city, or the surrounding environment. In many respects, people have divided the services that offer and receive from the public and the private. Public services offer amenities to all citizens equally, examples of these are services water in houses, electricity, gas to cook among others, also this aspect includes everything what warrants a legal formality of the State, these, are carried out by entities provided by Governments, in order to be part of a public process, in most freeHowever there are cases in which public services function thanks to a payment or fee.
Public is one term more than all social, with the aim of creating an array of separation between the social classes, it could be the reason why there is the term audience is because there is private, its antagonistic and completely opposite which refers to what is not for everyone, it must comply with a series of conditions to form part of it. This is usually monetary, therefore the public is usually free and private is payment. The best example of this is the health sector, in any part of the world, there are institutions that provide health for free, based on Government plans and standard conditions, public hospitals are saturated with the arrival of patients waiting to be served without paying a penny, since Governments and various organizations of society are responsible for ensuring the functioning of these through the money of the State and other entities.
Moreover, private health covers a huge range of options among which stand out the best clinics and more convenient facilities, Premium care and cutting edge technology, there are countries where public health is equated with the private health, however it is a sector that is always on the sidelines of a government operation that is responsible for subsidizing it. Different public administration systems failures are the result of the constant demand of the public to be part of them.
In another vein, a public is that group of people who gather in a space to watch and enjoy a show or concert by an artist. The public can be any type of person, is synonymous with Viewer since it serves the same function.

3. Definition and what is public

With the public term can refer to several issues. In general terms we can say that audience is what certainly opposes the private because it is well known or known by the majority of the people, this could be the case of some news that although he understands to the private sphere of a public personality, such as a separation, the presence of that person in the public sphere makes their separation public for all.
This mentioned shows then another use of the term, which is that it is used to refer to those persons who by their chores, in politics, in the show or in the sport among others, charge notoriety, becoming characters that are known by most people.
On the other hand, public also assumes all the things or activities that are intended for the use or consumption of all citizens that inhabit a nation and have as its primary objective the needs, such as communication or transportation of a community, i.e. for people in general, for example, buses or taxis and which comprise what a city is referred to as public transport.
Also, all those inherent issues or in which understands the State, such as for example the institutions controlling, are considered public and within the orbit of the public. For example, in these situations, the State will be the only one who may decide to present and future of the same or any other changes in your organization, such as the transition from public to private, among others.
And is also referred to as public to that group of people who share and participate of the same hobbies and tastes can be a sport, a musical stream, an artist or arts by any kind of group and that as a consequence of this situation will be attended to a particular place, prior summons that is usually done through methodologies massive, to attend a show that offers these artists or any other activity which will present or they will talk about those same hobbies and preferences that we mentioned at the beginning of the paragraph.