8 tips to keep your laptop safe travel

Whether the festivities of new year, holiday, for business trips, or for any reason, there is many people who could not travel, by shorter to be, do so without their laptops. So I'm going to count, and it is good to keep in mind these tips to keep them safe, and save yourself headaches. clip_image041
Protect the laptop with a padded cover:
And if it does not give you the budget, with quilted anything. Whether that travel by plane, train or bus, your laptop you will thank.
Keep it up:
Perhaps this advice seem a little obvious, but especially in airports and bus stations, it is not unusual that we support the bags on the floor a second while we rest, look for the indicated section, or buy us a coffee. And as laptops bags are small, lightweight, they are an easy target for Agile hands. So, to have it over.
Have a backup of your files:
Better to be safe than sorry. With the number of programs, services and devices that we have to make back-ups, have no excuses for not having guarded all your files before leaving the trip and, of course, leave it at home.
Encrypt the information:
Another precautionary measure, especially for those who have important or private files. In the event that the laptop falls into wrong hands, it is better that nobody can access your information. A good solution is TrueCrypt, which is also Open Source.
Have on hand the information that identifies your computer:
A step closer to safety. In the event that your laptop "disappears", have a sheet with as much data as possible increases the chances are if you make the complaint (that, of course, depends on anywhere). Mark, the serial number and model are some facts that you can help much in a case as well.
Use strong passwords:
It is one further barrier: long passwords with special characters and numbers, are more difficult to be cracked. Do isn't the same crack "ceci1234" than "bj586" #$G / it? "."
Use portable storage devices:
Even if they did things well, and made a back-up everything before you leave, it is not bad idea take projects and important files on a portable device (a flash drive or a CD, for example). So, if you get lost or stolen laptop, at least can continue to work with that (this advice goes mostly for those who do business trips).
Or better... leave the laptop at home:
It is, finally and after all, the safest option, and that gives us fewer disorders. In addition, always we can carry information on a flash drive, or, better still, build us a "mini-PC" in it, with the amount of portable programs that are available. 

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