Curiosities of Wall Street

If you love New York as a mi, you will be interested to know some facts about Wall Street, the heart of the financial district. What is the origin of its name? Here is the headquarters of the Wall Street Journal? What famous films take place in the street? Is there a Museum? How does the stock?, well, then tell them some of the curiosities of Wall Street:
  • Wall Street means something like 'the wall, Wall Street'. Its name comes from the 17TH century, when the street was the northern boundary of the new Amsterdam, a Dutch fortified settlement in the River Valley of the Hudson River. There, the settlers built a wall of wood and mud as a defense against possible attack from the Lenape Indians, settlers from New England and the British in 1652. Wall was demolished by the British years later, at the end of the century. But the name of the street still recalling this wall.
  • The New York Stock Exchangeis located in this street. Its origins date back to late 18th century, when there was a fair tree at the foot of the wall that we have seen, where financial intermediaries and speculators gathered to trade informally. At the end of the 18th century, there was a fair tree at the foot of the wall, where financial intermediaries and speculators gathered to trade informally. This was the origin of the New York Stock Exchange.
  • The NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) is the largest stock market in the world in monetary volume and the first in number of related companies.
  • The street gives its name to one of the most influential US newspapers, The Wall Street Journal. The headquarters of the newspaper was in the heart of Manhattan near the bag until instead of owner and in 2008 moved to the Sixth Avenue in New York.
  • Federal Hall was the first Capitol of the United States and the site of the inauguration of George Washington in 1789. The original building was destroyed in the 19th century and replaced by the present building, is now a Memorial Museum of the events that took place on that same site.
  • Wild unsolved mysteries. In 1920, a bomb exploded in front of a Bank, causing dozens of deaths. While theories about who was behind the Wall Street bombing and why did, after twenty years of research, is still pointing the FBI gave the case closed without finding the perpetrators.
  • The Federal Reserve Bank of New York has a safe 25 metres below the surface. It is said that this safe is the largest in the world.
  • The film "die hard: the revenge", starring Bruce Willis, shows how thieves steal the gold bullion stored underground in the great safe of the Bank of the Federal Reserve of New York.
  • The story of the New York writer Herman Melville "Bartleby, the Scrivener" is subtitled "a history of Wall Street" and offers an excellent portrait of a class. The protagonist is a lawyer unknown Wall Strett.
  • The novel by Tom Wolfe "the bonfire of the vanities", also led to the film, narrates the descent into hell of a Wall Street broker.
  • In the year 2000, band Rage Against the Machine filmed the music video for "Sleep Now in the Fire" on Wall Street, which was directed by Michael Moore. The band burst on the stock exchange, causing the gates to be closed early, but without interrupting trade on the Park.
  • Wall Street is the film of 1987 where Oliver Stone shows us the adventures of a young broker trying to make their way on Wall Street.
  • The street gives its name to a brand of fashion, "Wallstreet Kingdom" (United WallStreet).
  • The Trinity Church, also known as Trinity Wall Street is a lovely Church and parish located at the intersection of Wall Street and Broadway. Until the 20th century the tower was one of the highest points of the city.
  • Pier 11 at the foot of the street, is a busy ferry terminal, and the New York subway has three stations on Wall Street.
  • Most of the people who work in the financial center move daily to the workplace from suburbs in Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New Jersey or North Hudson Valley.

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