The orderly and beautiful Amsterdam, Netherlands

The beautiful, orderly, tolerant and liberal Amsterdam is the capital of Holland, is located between the IJ Bay to the North and on the banks of the Amstel River to the Southeast. Founded in the 12th century as a small fishing village, is currently the largest city in the country as well as being a financial and cultural center on an international level.
With a population of about 750,000 inhabitants. It is part of the great Dutch conurbation, the largest in Europe, Randstad (along with the cities of the Hague and Rotterdam). The historic centre of the city was built largely in the 17TH century and is today one of the largesthistorical centres. Amsterdam is known for the huge number of bicycles and is the world centre of bicycle culture. Nearly all the main streets are roads for cyclists, and you can leave the bike anywhere.
The city has moderate climate, with a strong influence from the Atlantic Ocean to the West and winds coming from it. Winters tend to be cold, but not ends, although temperatures below zero are very frequent, with few 2 or 3 mecadas per year. Summers are hot with temperatures around the 25 ° Celsius, but as it is extremely humid climate, can be very overwhelming.
Although the city suffers many rainy days, but of little milimetraje, which almost always is very moderate showers. This is because the weather is very unstable and all possibilities can be given on the same day: Sun, rain, clouds, hail, etc.
Amsterdam in a city that is characterized by its great tolerance towards others, because of the low importance facing the Dutch Affairs as people's sexual orientation, as it is considered something that does not affect the inhabitants or to the public in general. It has one of the largest in Europe, which is called homo club Club iT, since 1989. At the end of the Decade of 1960, when he was one of the main cities of the hippies (with London and San Francisco), many taboos of the time disappeared.
Among the most popular areas of Amsterdam, the Netherlands are the famous red light district or Red Light District. There are places where shown, prostitutes who work, shown through shop windows. Prostitution in the Netherlands is fully legalized, but only in the heart of Amsterdam, between the streets Warmoesstraat, Zeedijk, Nieuwmarkt, Kloveniersburgwal and Damstraat.
In the Red light district, as in other parts of the city, we find the so-called Coffee Shops, one of the main attractions of Amsterdam especially among young tourists, where sold small amounts of marijuana, generally high quality eco-friendly, this it is tolerated as long as they are small amounts (up to 5 gr. per day), and provided that both the buyer and seller are of legal age. The coffee shops are, in addition to a place to consume marijuana, a meeting place, because there are many that tend to haunt these coffees a day.
Some places to visit include:
El Hortus Botanicus: founded at the beginning of the Decade of 1660, is one of the oldest botanical gardens in the world, with many old and rare species.
Concertgebouw: headquarters of the equally famous Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra Symphony Orchestra, which gave its first concert on November 3, 1888.
The museums include many of international fame, such as the Rijksmuseum, the Stedelijk Museum modern art museum and the Museum het Rembrandthuis or ' Rembrandt House Museum ', which was the home and workshop of Rembrandt, Van Gogh Museum, which owns the largest collection of Van Gogh paintings in the world; the wax museum Madame Tussaud, and the Museum of cinema, also known as Filmmuseum.
The Anne Frank House, converted into a Museum, is also a very popular tourist destination, as well as the Museum Amstelkring in whose loft is a clandestine Catholic Church in the 17TH century.
Also in this city is famous factory of beer Heineken, which also has its Museum.
The club Ajax Ámsterdam has its headquarters and its Stadium Ámsterdam Arena in this city.
As typical meals: the koggetjes are for example Amsterdambiscuits, in the carnage can buy the Compact (leverworst) liver sausage or sausage of beef (ossenworst). Many culinary specialities from Amsterdam are due to Jewish culture, such as "onions of Amsterdam". They are onions marinated in vinegar and sugar that acquire a yellow by a special procedure. Besides the typical croquettes (bitterballen) snack should be tested. A pickle, cheese or Dutch herring can not miss in your list.
Some of the restaurants and food locations you can visit are:
Restaurant Supperclub Ámsterdam, Café de Jaren, restaurant Sabor Latino Peru, Restaurant Bocage, restaurant Hollandaluz, restaurant d´Vijff Vlieghen, Magere Brug, Café Cuba.
And some of the hotels where you can host, are:
Hotel Rembrandt Classic Hotel, Hotel Best Western Blue Tower, Hotel France, Hotel Tulip Inn Amsterdam Riverside, Hotel Hem Amsterdam, Grand Hotel Krasnaplosky, Hotel Lloyd, Hotel Arena, Hotel de L´Europe.

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