Zodiacal Light

 Daniel López.l Parque Nacional Teide (Tenerife)

Daniel Lopez.l N.p. Teide (Tenerife)
The zodiacal light is a faint light band, almost triangular shape, which can be seen in the night sky extending along the plane of the ecliptic where the constellations of the zodiac. It covers the sky completely although it is only noticeable on the plane of the ecliptic and is responsible for 60% of the sunlight on a moonless night. It is caused by the dispersion of sunlight on dust particles which are found throughout the Solar System. [wikipedia]
Observatorio La Silla / ESO organizacion en Chile
La Silla Observatory / that organisation in Chile
The first two weeks of October 2013 was a good opportunity to capture the ·· Light Zodiac ·· the faint light from the East that precedes the dawn.

Vía: patrimoniosdelmundo.es

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