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Definition of cattle: Their meanings, concepts and importance

Definition: livestock and its importance

1 Past participle of win.
2. (adj. of two completions) said is than he earns: livestock is a pretty strange to talk about a winner Word.
3 Jesus said is what you earn: the prize won on the bet is not worth what it spent to get it.
4 (sust. m.) Set of beasts that breed, feed, and walk together: my soul has been used / and all my flow, at your service: / already do not keep livestock, / or I already have another trade, / already in love is only my exercise. (San Juan de la Cruz).

5 Set of bees that are in the hive: the cattle will spread soon because there are two Queens.
6 [Use figurative and family] all people: leader encouraged livestock that heard him encouraging him to rebellion.

Lindar livestock. [In Asturias] Take it to the edge of the inheritances that you paste.
Cattle House. [In Asturias] House in the countryside to collect livestock in the bottom or cutting, and store the Hay in the upper floor or henal.
Run cattle or livestock. Pursue it or pick it up and turn it.
Bravo won. It not tamed or domesticated. He said was especially for the bulls.
Horse won. The horses and mares.
Goat won. Goats and bastards.
Churro won. The wool that is transhumance. 2. He bred the churra wool.
Cattle of aparta. [In Colombia] Won weaned.
Won bristle. The pigs.
Pata, or, cloven-hoofed livestock. The oxen, cows, sheep, sheep, goats and pigs.
Won in vein. Not neutered.
Won shelf. The flock which is fed in the Manger or pastures in the town during a season or all year round.
Sheep. The Rams and ewes.
Livestock. He composed of cattle or more, as oxen heads, mules, Mares, etc.
Small livestock. He composed of cattle or heads lower, such as sheep, goats, etc.
Fledglings. The young of cattle.
Merino won. Some species of sheep.
Moreno won. The pork.
Won bottlenose. The mules or mules.
Nomad won. They are the cattle that are going to take advantage of high and cold regions during the summer pastures, either from cold areas that take advantage of pasture or stubble of the temperate regions in the winter.
Travesio won. He who, without going to distant points, out of the term where dwells.
Won empty. The compound of females who have no breeding.
Judge of cattle. [In the Philippines] One of the three largest that were part of the principalias of the Philippines, and understanding especially in matters related to livestock.

Winner, award.

Concept: livestock and what is

Cattle can refer to the past participle of the verb win, which etymologically comes from the Gothic "win" with the meaning of coveted. This senses the gains is obtained materially by anyone, either as a result of their work, their fate, by donation or inheritance; implying a lawful gain; or come from an illegal, for example, a theft. In addition they can also win is immaterial things, such as reputation, fame, love, or their opposites. Battles, wills, or goals can be also won.
Cattle, means on the other hand, the Group of animals that the human being has raised, Taming them, since it was sedentary, to take advantage of them, both in their food and clothing. It was a symbol of wealth from old and a means of payment; Therefore, that is associated to the gains or profits. In latin the word is "pecus" and why livestock, also called agriculture, monetary, pecuniary activities.
While in general refers to livestock, to which pigs, sheep and goats (won minor) includes breeding and exploitation of horses or cattle horses, cattle or cattle (livestock), some authors include other offspring like those of bees (bee), rabbit (rabbit) or birds (poultry). The most important economically is cattle, since 50% of meat in the world comes from them, adding that the cow leather represents 80% of which is used to manufacture shoes, wallets, belts, and other clothing, and that the milk used by 95% of the world's population, is the vaccine.
Within the economic activities consist in the direct exploitation of a natural resource, is included among the primary activities.

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