Petra, cave paintings

As if that was some was the attraction that's if awake Petra, Jordan, returns to shock the world by the spectacular discovered cave paintings. They are murals with two thousand years old, were found in some of the many caves of the Nabataean city.
The world major experts in this type of Hellenic style paintings, indicate that these murals are an incredible discovery. They found them after removing the years of dust, smoke and dirt walls. His surprise was great when they saw before their eyes these drawings with strokes of exceptional artistic quality and beauty.
The most interesting discovery is that there is almost no Hellenistic, paintings except for some fragments, with lower quality of composition and color, they are undermining the importance for its location and the centuries.However in the case of the murals of Petra can be identified perfectly and with great detail species of flowers, birds and insects filled with life. After the restoration work which lasted three years, have managed to recover the splendor of this work. These paintings could exceed the best Roman paintings of Herculaneum

The paintings are located in a little-known Canyon called Siq al-Barid in Beida, called the "little Petra", at approximately 5 km from the main site of Petra. From now on this new finding will become one of the main treasures of the region. 
Vía: visitandoelmundo

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