Christmas in Russia

Perhaps while you read this you have the holidays homesickness. If so and you need an injection over Christmas spirit you still have the option of visiting Russia, therefore there Christmas is on January 7. Well not... is on 25 December... We explain: in 1918, the Soviet Government established the Gregorian calendar and suppressed the Orthodox worship. With the fall of the Soviet Union were the religious ceremonies that followed while retaining the Julian calendar. Thus, while in civil matters the Russian population lives in January 7, religiously we would be on the 25th of December.
This results in beautiful curiosities. An example: the Russians celebrate the new year like us, from December 31 to January 1, with lively parties and family dinners; a few days later celebrate Christmas as a fundamentally religious event and finally from 13 to 14 January they celebrate the "old new year" with parties and family meals, although this festival has so many followers.
Many have the idea that Russia is a nation that does everything "at large" and at Christmas it is also thus: in addition to monumental installations of lights and Christmas decorations that would pale to any Western City we must tell you that, due to the confluence of civil, religious festivals and living together before cited two calendars, may occur a few days that we could call "supermegapuente" which may have 10 days holidays if the necessary conditions are met. In a solemn but equally great land you say that religious Christmas night nursing can last 5 hours: If you attend one of them taking place in the country do not worry to arrive early in the morning at your hotel because most cities have free public transport service that night.
Another curiosity is that the gifts are delivered during the "Gregorian new year"; during the night the Ded Moroz (or "Grandfather cold") visit the homes of Russia leaving present with the help of his Granddaughter Snegurochka. By the way, be careful and not enojéis to the Ded Moroz, as it has a staff that would leave you frozen instantly.
Do that after reading this are you giving eager to take the first plane to Russia? If you do not you are going to regret. You will have a great Christmas... and sure that Ded Moroz still have time to make a gift.
Source: Enfolang

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