Frikadeller (Denmark)

In the cold January crave strong dishes (meat, potatoes, sauces... thick) but also feel little mess in the kitchen, so we look for simple dishes; so Danish frikadeller is one of those dishes that is ideal for that month. It is basically a recipe for meatballs, so as you imagine it is easy to make. You will need ground meat, white bread without crust, 1 small onion, salt, pepper, 1 egg, milk, cooked beets (you can find it canned), boiled potatoes, oil, broth of meat, flour and butter.
Take the ground beef and mix it with the chopped onion. Empapad separate slices of bread in milk and throw them the egg; shuffle, and then pieces them meat. Amass without fear, and when you have a smooth paste, make meatballs. Then FRY in oil at not very high heat until browned.
Then we will make the salsa: tamizad flour so there are no lumps and put to cook the meat broth for 5 minutes unless it comes to a boil. In another pot, throw the butter and let heat until hazelnut color, then take the flour and removed to form a mass, add the beef broth and removed until a thick sauce. Now just pour the sauce over the meatballs and accompany with cooked potatoes and beets into slices.
As you can see a very easy-to-make recipe with a typically Nordic flavor. Just one catch: the amount of gadgets that must be scrubbed, but with practice safe that we end up reducing their number.
Source: Enfolang

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