What is the amendment Miranda?


Ernesto Miranda (on the left) was in 1966 a young destitute of 23 years in the State of Arizona, United States. The police arrested him as a suspect in the abduction and rape of an 18-year-old girl. It was identified by it and then subjected to interrogation by the police.
Miranda confessed and signed a written text recognizing having committed the crime of which it is accused.
The case gained public notoriety and he was taken to the Supreme Court, which overturned the ruling of the original declaring inadmissible that will condemn a person on the basis of his sayings during the arrest and without that previously had been informed in a ruling that would make history of their constitutional rights: remain silent, that anything that State could be used against her and who had the right to request the assistance of a lawyer.
This agreed Court would establish since an inexcusable ritual that is the recitation that a policeman should make it known to the detainee, in front of witnesses and are known as "Miranda amendment ' or 'the Miranda warnings'."
Article translated for educational purposes from: Planeta Sedna 

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