Aesop's Fables: The Eagle and the Beetle

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A hare was being persecuted by an eagle, and seeing herself lost, found a beetle and implored him for helping her.

The beetle begged to the eagle forgive his friend. But the eagle, despising the insignificance of the beetle, devoured the hare in his presence.

Since then, seeking to avenge himself, the beetle observed the places where the eagle put its eggs, and doing them to roll, threw them to the earth. The eagle, seeing herself thrown from the place where she wants to lay her eggs, asked Jupiter for a safe place to deposit them.

Jupiter offered her to place them in his lap, but the beetle, seeing the tactical escape, made a small ball of mud, flew and dropped the ball on the lap of Jupiter. Then Jupiter rose to shake that dirt, and threw by earth the eggs without taken care of the action.

For that reason since then, the eagles do not lay eggs at the time when the beetles fly.

Never despise whatever seems insignificant, because there is no creature so weak that can not reach you.

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